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Ivanti Neurons for Service Mapping

IT Service Mapping Software

Identify critical assets & potential risks to business services and application availability.

Visual IT service maps to quickly identify impact, risks and root cause

Automatically discover and map the linkages between underlying data center services and applications to visualize and understand how business services connect and interact to respond quickly to unexpected changes.

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Data center discovery

Extensible probes and sensors automatically discover thousands of physical and virtual compute, network and storage assets in minutes giving you comprehensive visibility into your data center and cloud environments.

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Service relationship mapping

Dynamic visualizations of relationship and dependency maps automatically generated from the discovery data empower you with insights into your data-center network topology, view infrastructure relationships, application dependencies, communication flows, and service mappings related to your ITSM processes.

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Actionable CMDB service mapping

Service mapping complements the Configuration Item (CI) mapping functionality in Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, providing multi-level insight on service dependencies, relationships and potential service impacts. You can now trust that your configuration management database (CMDB) provides accurate and always up to date configuration details so you can efficiently service your users.

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Change risk and root cause analysis

Service Maps include overlays of critical ITSM records such as open incidents or pending and recently completed changes so you can fully understand relationships between devices and configuration items and act quickly to assess impact and resolve critical incidents e­ffectively. This allows you to better manage IT changes, quickly identify potential change collisions, understand root cause and recover faster from planned and unplanned outages and intrusions.

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Business continuity

New business services are requested and activated rapidly enabled by cloud services and modern infrastructure. It’s vital to quickly identify critical assets & potential risks to service and application availability so you can ensure operational resiliency, security and effective risk management for your organization and your customers.

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Equipped with the complete picture of our infrastructure and data flow from Ivanti Neurons for Service Mapping, we now have the insights for our business continuity model to prioritize availability and quickly restore business critical services that are most impactful to our customers.

Keep your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) up to date and actionable at all times

Service Mapping complements the discovery, configuration and change management capabilities of Ivanti Neurons for ITSM to further help our ITSM customers maintain higher uptime for critical services.

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery

Receive accurate and actionable asset insights in minutes not days​.

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

Modernize service delivery for IT and beyond.

Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience

Track, measure and optimize your employees’ digital experience.

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