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Ivanti Solutions

Secure Unified Endpoint Management Solutions

Ivanti’s Secure UEM solutions provide a unified view of devices, enabling efficient discovery, management and security of endpoints and vulnerabilities. Accurate and actionable insights enable faster remediation.

The right UEM solution for your needs

Whether you want to efficiently manage endpoints, deploy business apps, proactively detect and resolve IT and security issues through intelligent automation or any combination of these — Ivanti offers a secure UEM solution package that's right for your organization.

Provide complete endpoint management

Secure UEM Professional offers comprehensive endpoint management capabilities such as asset discovery and inventory, device enrollment, app distribution, configuration management, application management, remote control, software spend optimization and partner conditional access (integration with Microsoft AAD, Google BeyondCorp).

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Support breadth of use cases for mobile and frontline workers

Secure UEM Professional Plus includes all the key capabilities from Secure UEM Professional and additionally provides enhanced mobile application security, connectivity and access control for cloud and on-premises applications.

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Deliver comprehensive UEM with integrated endpoint security

Secure UEM Premium is a comprehensive solution that includes all the essential features of Secure UEM Professional Plus as well as risk-based cloud patch management. Designed to secure and manage your IT infrastructure, your teams can identify and address device issues and security vulnerabilities before they cause harm to users and the environment.

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Secure UEM solution plans

Ivanti provides flexible endpoint management options designed to meet your business needs and scale as you grow.

Secure UEM Professional

For comprehensive insight into IT assets and simplified endpoint management.

Provide complete endpoint management to improve digital employee experience and IT efficiency.

Key Capabilities

  • Discover and inventory all devices on your network.
  • Support modern and client management.
  • AI-driven self-healing automation with OOTB* and build-your-own bots.
  • Central view into device, people and organizational DEX** scores.
  • App distribution.
  • Remote control.
  • Software asset intelligence and management.
Secure UEM Professional Plus

For increased security for mobile devices and tools for users.

Support a breadth of use cases, especially for mobile and frontline workers.

Key Capabilities

All the key capabilities from Secure UEM Professional, plus advanced mobile security capabilities.

  • Provide secure network connectivity and dynamic access control for cloud and on-prem applications.
  • Secure applications for mobile devices and users.
  • Provide secure communications and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities.
Secure UEM Premium

For securing Everywhere Work from vulnerabilities.

Deliver comprehensive UEM with integrated endpoint security.

Key Capabilities

All the key capabilities of Secure UEM Professional Plus, and comprehensive cloud-native patch management.

  • Prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.
  • OS and third-party app patching.
  • Risk-based cloud patch management.
  • Patch reliability insights.
  • Autonomous patch configurations.

*Out of the box

**Digital employee experience

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