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Use Case

Automate Documentation Processes for Compliance and Reporting

Save time and money by eliminating paper-based processes in your operations

How much time is lost working with paper-based forms? Or via duplicate steps in workflows? Now is the time for automation in the Ivanti Velocity platform to accelerate your operational processes.

Create mobile forms in minutes

Transform paper forms into Velocity Forms that reside within Ivanti Velocity mobile applications and allow workers to complete required documents – inspection, safety, compliance forms and incident reports embedded in their task workflows.

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Dynamic workflows

Customize multi-step workflows to include documentation where necessary, ensuring worker safety and compliance while keeping workers on task within the Velocity app.

Man interacting with a form on a mobile device screen.

No changes to host systems

Solutions built on the Velocity platform extend your enterprise systems to the point of activity. Deploying Velocity Forms continues our commitment to transforming the worker experience without changes to your enterprise applications.

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Incorporate system data to accelerate form completion

Pull data fields from your WMS, ERP or other enterprise applications to auto-populate digital forms. Workers speed through documentation steps and complete more tasks each shift.

Side-by-side shot of a mobile form screenshot next to a photo of a man taping up a box in a warehouse.

Enable Velocity Forms across your operations

Let automation help save time and money while keeping supply chain workers at peak productivity.

Unlimited forms submissions

Complete all the forms your business requires for safety, compliance, damages goods, inspections and more.

Works on your mobile devices

Deploy Velocity Forms into Velocity applications across Android devices in your fleet.

Integrate into 3rd-party systems

Forms can be stored as PDF files in secure FTP or Dropbox locations, and/or routed via email to trigger external action.

Notify stakeholders

Completed forms can generate custom emails to communicate mission-critical events to appropriate recipients.

Attach photos

Include digital photos with forms to show proof of condition, document incidents, or confirm delivery.

Drag & drop form creation

Creating digital forms is simple; including checkboxes, open fields, radio buttons, drop down options and more.

Auto-populate application data

Map data fields from enterprise systems into Velocity Forms to further reduce documentation time.

Conditional handling

Multi-step dynamic workflows provide documentation flexibility while ensuring workers remain within the Velocity application.

Start automating and start saving!

Learn how easy it is to introduce Velocity Forms and other business process automation into supply chain operations through the Velocity platform.