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Training & Certification

Get the Most From Your Ivanti Investment

Develop the in-house expertise to maximize the value of your Ivanti solution with training and certifications designed for our customers and partners.

Learn anywhere, anytime with Advantage Learning

With subscriptions to the Advantage Learning online platform your team will have access to 1600+ courses that support mastering the power of Ivanti solutions.

Ways to learn


Learn online at your own pace guided by role-based or product-based learning paths.

Guided Learning

Combines the flexibility and convenience of self-paced learning with the personalization that comes with instructor-led support.

Classroom Training

Ask questions, work through solutions and get feedback from peers and Ivanti instructors with deep technical knowledge through remote or in-person instructor-led training.

Hands-On Virtual Labs

Live Virtual Labs provide safe practice environments.

Explore our complimentary catalog

Take advantage of our complimentary courses that will help you start learning how to discover, manage, secure and service your everywhere workplace with Ivanti products.

Maximize value with subscriptions

For unmatched flexibility, subscriptions to Advantage Learning allow you to alternate between classroom, e-learning and instructor-led training delivered remotely. With access to a comprehensive curriculum ranging from entry-level to advanced courses, subscriptions are ideal for onboarding and accommodating last-minute training needs.

For more information reach out to your Account Manager or easily purchase subscriptions with a credit card on the Advantage Learning platform.

Subscription portfolios

A valuable resource for both individuals and teams that includes new and updated material released during your yearly subscription. Each subscription includes foundational training on the Ivanti Neurons hyperautomation platform, allowing you to learn how to discover, manage, secure and service your IT landscape from cloud to edge.

Private, customized training

Get private, custom training tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs and designed around your environment and configuration. A dedicated instructor can deliver training onsite at your location or virtually, ensuring proprietary conversations stay that way.

For larger enterprises with your own learning organization, we offer train-the-trainer programs, where our experts will help your SME(s) develop branded materials and support the deployment of training.

Private customized training

Prove your Ivanti expertise with certifications

No matter how you choose to learn, our courses will help you prepare for Ivanti Certification exams. After successfully passing the exam, you will be certified according to the Ivanti Certification program and recognized an a verified Ivanti expert.

  • Gain a solid foundation in Ivanti product knowledge to drive a demonstrable ROI
  • Earn a verifiable digital badge shareable with your personal and professional network
  • Enhance your credibility and accelerate professional development
  • Improve individual and team productivity
  • Become a leading professional with Ivanti solutions
credly badge

Master the power of your Ivanti solution.

Reach out to discuss how Ivanti training and certification can help your organization.