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Secure UEM Premium

Secure Endpoints to Power Everywhere Work

Expand your endpoint management strategy to patch remediation, so you can identify and address device issues and security vulnerabilities before they cause harm to users and your environment.

Discover, manage and secure all your devices, everywhere

Secure UEM Premium is one of three Unified Endpoint Management Solution packages offered by Ivanti. It gives you the complete set of endpoint management capabilities found in the Secure UEM Professional Plus solution package but adds risk-based patch management.

Complete visibility into IT assets

You can’t manage or protect what you don’t know about. Effectively discover and inventory all your endpoints in only minutes to reduce security risks and exposure.

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Secure endpoint management

Efficiently manage and secure all user devices across their entire lifecycles to deliver exceptional user experiences. This boosts productivity while improving your security posture by securing all endpoints and ensuring security policies are implemented.

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Improve cybersecurity hygiene

Surface potential IT and cyberhygiene security issues before a user is severely impacted. Leverage self-healing remediation capabilities to improve IT efficiency and digital employee experience.

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Patch remediation

Streamline vulnerability remediation processes with a risked-based patch management approach.​​ Prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities based on adversarial risk.​ Save time and reduce patch deployment failures with patch reliability.​

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Secure UEM Premium solution

Deploy integrated endpoint management and security tools that provide proactive, resilient protection for all your endpoints, everywhere.


Instantly detect new and unknown devices on your network via active and passive scanning and third-party connectors.

Complete UEM

Manage all your endpoints – including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android, ChromeOS, Windows, Zebra, Oculus devices and wearables – and support both modern and client management.


Deliver AI-driven self-healing and self-service capabilities with out-of-the-box and build-your-own bots.

Comprehensive DEX score

Aggregate device details and score end users’ experience with devices. Get a 360-degree view of devices, users, applications and services with real-time, contextualized insights.

Robust app distribution and management

Deploy applications and manage updates with a single, intuitive tool.

Software asset intelligence

Provide comprehensive software overviews that help reduce security risks and improve IT operational costs.

Secure connectivity

A secure multi-OS VPN solution allows you to quickly enable your remote workforce with secure connectivity to apps on premises and in the cloud.

Secure productivity apps

Drive productivity through secure content management and advanced security for mobile apps and data.

Conditional access

Provide improved security, increased IT efficiency and improved user experiences by letting IT easily identify and monitor BYOD/COBO/COPE devices and customize authentication paths. Deliver secure and seamless access to the corporate network.

Risk-based prioritization

Intelligence on known exploits and threat-context for vulnerabilities lets you prioritize remediation based on adversarial risk. Ivanti’s Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR) enables risk-based prioritized action by collecting highest-fidelity vulnerability and threat data plus human validation of exploits from penetration testing teams.

Patch reliability and compliance

Save time and avoid failed patch deployments with patch reliability insights from crowdsourced social sentiment data and anonymized deployment data. Ensure devices remain in compliance with visibility into devices nearing SLA.

Autonomous patch configurations

Improve operational efficiencies by distributing thoroughly tested patches to thousands of machines in minutes.

Included products

Unified endpoint management for today – and beyond

Ivanti Neurons for MDM Premium

Deliver robust mobile device security, connectivity and access control for both cloud and on-premises applications.

Ivanti Neurons for DEX

Provide actionable insights on digital employee experience.

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence

Gain instant insights into your software landscape and application spend.

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management

Prioritize and patch vulnerabilities based on active risk exposure, patch reliability and device compliance.

Use cases

Deliver key endpoint management outcomes

Secure UEM Premium supports critical UEM use cases for your IT organization.

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Manage and secure your endpoints

Gain full visibility into the endpoints in your IT environment — plus their highest-risk vulnerabilities — and defend them against the many cyberthreats in today’s Everywhere Work world.

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See and manage all your Windows endpoints

Get more visibility into your entire Windows fleet and put your IT team on a path towards hyperautomation — enabling you to self-heal and self-secure your devices and provide a personalized, contextual user experience.

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