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Use Case

Manage IT Vulnerability Risk

Eliminating all risk in your organization may be impossible, but knowing your risk tolerance will help you manage IT security risks and defend against them in the Everywhere Work world.

Work strategically to provide the most compliant risk response.

Manage and minimize IT security risks with an integrated solution from Ivanti.

Real-time visibility

You can’t patch what you can’t see. Ivanti Neurons for Discovery creates a comprehensive inventory of the hardware and software in your environment so you know where your security risks are, so you can manage them.

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Risk-based prioritization

Once you have visibility into unknown devices, your next step in minimizing your attack surface is to prioritize those vulnerabilities. Your security team can quickly and easily prioritize based on your own organization’s risk tolerance with Ivanti Neurons for RBVM.

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Security and IT work collaboratively

Traditionally, security and IT teams don’t see eye to eye on how to move forward with IT security risk management. Communication falters, and your organization can be left at risk due to the unknown.

Now, both teams stay in the loop with a bidirectional integration between Ivanti Neurons for RBVM and Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. Security can assign a prioritized list of vulnerabilities from RBVM directly into an ITSM ticket for fulfillment, while the IT team tracks and completes the remediation process.

Ticket and status updates are seen in both teams’ systems, allowing for full transparency throughout remediation.

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Vulnerability risk remediation

The final step in managing IT risks is to remediate the vulnerabilities that create risk.

Using Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management, your IT team continues to corroborate with the security team’s risk-based prioritization as they remediate security risks.

Additionally, the IT team can use patch reliability insights to further prioritize patching based on reliability and trending insights and device compliance, keeping your organization safe.

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Minimize your IT vulnerability risks with discovery, service management and security capabilities

Accurate data

Stop shadow IT with real-time asset discovery.


Prioritize the riskiest vulnerabilities in seconds and remediate vulnerabilities based on active risk exposure.


Eliminate manual tasks and provide a seamless workflow.


Bidirectional integration allows security and IT teams to both monitor vulnerability management delivery.


Continuously comply with internal policies and external regulations.

Patch Intelligence

Automated insight into your risk exposure with remediation prioritization based on adversarial risk.

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