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ITSM Enterprise Premium

The Complete Solution for the Connected, Intelligent Enterprise

If your organization needs to extend service management beyond IT while implementing intelligent automation for service delivery across the enterprise, you’re ready for the ITSM Enterprise Premium solution package, the complete solution for the connected, intelligent enterprise.

Intelligent service management across the organization

Deliver intelligent service management, support key service delivery workflows and provide an enhanced, consistent employee experience across the organization.

ITSM Enterprise Premium is one of four Enterprise Service Management solution packages offered by Ivanti. It provides the complete set of enterprise service management capabilities found in ITSM Professional, ITSM Enterprise and ITSM Premium.

Service and asset management

All the core service and asset management capabilities included in the ITSM Professional solution package, including core ITSM, discovery, asset management and spend intelligence.

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Non-IT workflows and strategic processes

All the core enterprise service management capabilities included in the ITSM Enterprise solution package, including HR service management; facilities service management; governance, risk and compliance; project and portfolio management; and security operations management.

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Intelligent automation

All the core intelligence and automation capabilities included in the ITSM Premium solution package, including workspaces management, self-healing and digital experience management.

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Features and capabilities

Fully equipped for intelligent enterprise operations

Expanded service and asset management capabilities, along with intelligent automation, improve outcomes and deliver enhanced employee experiences.

Service delivery

Increase efficiency by streamlining and automating service delivery.

IT asset management

Easily gain efficiency and reduce business risk by controlling IT spending.

Preventative service management

Reduce incidents by resolving problems before they occur.

Digital experience management (DEX)

Drive better results with digital experience monitoring and scoring.

Asset discovery

Automate hardware and software identification to improve efficiency and enhance security.

Spend optimization

Control and maximize software spending.

Departmental / LOB workflows

Support core service management workflows outside IT.

Key processes

Support core strategic processes for enhanced service management.

Enhanced employee experience

Provide a consistent service management experience across the enterprise.

Shared services

Efficient operations from a common database of shared services and configuration items.

AI-guided ITSM

Apply the right resources to the incident the first time.

Proactive service management

Accelerate resolutions by guiding analysts and employees to the best and fastest solution.

Included products

For the intelligent, integrated enterprise

Implement and manage the full range of IT services and workflows, including core service delivery within and beyond IT, management of software and hardware assets and intelligence and automation to take operations to the next level.

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Modernize service delivery for IT and beyond.

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Gain in-depth knowledge and insights for managing the full lifecycle of hardware and software assets.

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Determine what users and endpoints connect to the network, when they connect and what software is installed on devices.

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Spend Intelligence

Gain instant insights into your software landscape and application spend.

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Unify your GRC management to track all authority documents, citations, controls and risks in a single system.

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Security Operations Management

Manage and automate remediation of vulnerabilities as well as security events and incidents using best practices.

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Deliver streamlined and automated HR service management for a more efficient and productive employee experience.

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Meet the needs of business operations by automating facilities workorders and projects with advanced workflows.

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Create a predictable project delivery machine that improves project execution and delivers results on time and under budget, organization-wide.

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Deliver a shift-left approach so first-line analysts can provide a better user experience.

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Use automation-powered bots to proactively diagnose and quickly remediate issues.

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Digital Experience

Track, measure and optimize your employees’ digital experience to improve productivity, security and employee retention.

Use cases

Meeting your organization’s needs

ITSM Premium supports critical IT use cases for modern service delivery, including:

Optimize operations with ITOM insights

Gain real-time visibility and control over IT infrastructure, enabling proactive issue resolution and optimized resource utilization for improved business performance.

Reduce escalations and accelerate resolutions

Integrated service, asset and operations management across IT and lines of business.

Manage IT workflows and services

Implement core IT service management for your organization.

Extend service management across my organization

Integrated service, asset and operations management across IT and lines of business.

Discover and manage all my IT assets

Increase service availability and reduce service outages through improved risk assessment and change coordination.


Extend ITSM Enterprise Premium

Add key capabilities to your service management environment.

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Digital Assistant

AI-powered conversational virtual support agent that automates resolution of employee questions, issues and requests with personalized responses.

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Service Mapping

Identify critical assets and potential risks to business services and application availability.

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Efficiently and effectively prioritize the vulnerabilities and weaknesses that pose you the most risk to better protect against ransomware and other cyberthreats.

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