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Use Case

Modernize IT Service Delivery

Provide intelligent automation while extending service management beyond IT to enable connected, intelligent service management across the enterprise.

Take service management to the next level

What if you could elevate service and asset management with artificial intelligence, automation and an extended reach into the organization to address the most critical challenges facing your business?

With Ivanti’s ITSM Enterprise Premium solution package, you can transform and optimize service management, take employee engagement to new levels and eliminate friction between IT and security operations with a seamless and secure experience across the organization.

Elevate Service Management

Transform your service management process by extending intelligent, responsive, automation-driven service and asset management throughout the organization. Evolve proactive and preventative service management strategies beyond the IT helpdesk to include project, cost and risk management.

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Optimize employee engagement

Empower employees with an intuitive, consistent service management experience across the organization. Enable IT staff to shift their attention to strategic priorities by relieving them of routine tasks and eliminating time wasted on predictable, preventable issues. Incorporate digital experience measurement and intelligent automation into your service management strategy to maximize employee engagement.

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Align IT and security operations

Eliminate security and IT operations silos that lead to inefficiencies and oversights. Leverage integrated detection, response and workflow capabilities to reduce friction, enabling the two teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively to focus on more strategic priorities.

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Features that take service management to the next level

Transform operations with intelligence, automation and workflows that extend beyond IT to drive key outcomes for the entire organization.

Extensible solution for IT and beyond

Enhance organizational efficiency and maintain employee engagement by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly self-service experience.

IT operational management and security resolution

Manage and automate remediation of vulnerabilities, security events and incidents across teams by utilizing best practices.

Comprehensive discovery and asset lifecycle management

Reduce interruptions to core business services by as much as 70%, and quickly address customer issues with an accurate CMDB and access to up-to-date details about devices.

Self-healing AI

Leverage automation bots that constantly watch for potential device issues and vulnerabilities, flagging and even resolving them before they harm your environment.

Low-code / no-code solution

Make alterations without needing highly specialized development abilities. Lower total expenditure with a solution that suits your present requirements.

User sentiment

Use automated surveys for interactive user feedback collection to help you understand and improve the employee experience.

Automate enterprise processes

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service management across your enterprise through automation. Free up staff time to focus on more strategic tasks and improve accuracy and consistency.

Zero-impact troubleshooting

Diagnose and resolve end-user device issues on the first call to a service desk analyst workspace with remote control tools and automation bots.

Actionable insights

Monitor service management, quality and commitments with role-based dashboards.

Choose the right solution for the intelligent, connected enterprise

The ITSM Enterprise Premium solution package includes all core service and asset management capabilities, plus critical strategic processes and service support for non-IT workflows, intelligent automation and digital employee experience (DEX) management.

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