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Secure UEM Professional Plus

Protect Enterprise Resources and Data Everywhere

Support a wide range of use cases, especially for mobile and frontline workers, with the Secure UEM Professional Plus solution package.

Keep mobile devices secure and protect your data with Secure UEM Professional Plus

Secure UEM Professional Plus is one of three Unified Endpoint Management Solution packages offered by Ivanti. It provides you with a complete set of UEM capabilities and robust mobile device security.

Maintain secure and seamless network access for all users

Provide secure network connectivity and dynamic access control for cloud and on-prem applications. Allow IT to authorize specific mobile apps to access corporate resources behind the firewall without requiring any user interaction.

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Secure applications for mobile devices and users

Secure access to data and apps on any device across your Everywhere Workplace by enabling IT teams to easily identify and monitor BYOD/COBO/ COPE devices and customize authentication paths.

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Robust application management for Everywhere Work

Roll out apps quickly and easily to user devices, streamlining access while reducing IT management and deployment time.

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Improve your organization's security posture

Effectively manage and secure all user devices so you can protect data wherever work happens.

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A comprehensive feature set for all your endpoint management needs

Manage and secure every endpoint and improve digital employee experience with a complete set of UEM tools.


Instantly detect new and unknown devices on your network via active and passive scanning and third-party connectors.

Complete UEM

Manage all your endpoints – including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android, ChromeOS, Windows, Zebra, Oculus devices and wearables – and support both modern and client management.


Deliver AI-driven self-healing and self-service capabilities with out-of-the-box and build-your-own bots.

Comprehensive DEX score

Aggregate device details and score end-user device experiences. Get a 360-degree view of devices, users, applications and services with real-time, contextualized insights.

Robust app distribution and management

Deploy applications and manage updates with a single, intuitive tool.

Software asset intelligence

Provide comprehensive software overviews that help reduce security risks and improve IT operational costs.

Secure connectivity

A secure multi-OS VPN solution allows you to quickly enable your remote workforce with secure connectivity to apps on premises and in the cloud.

Secure productivity apps

Drive productivity through secure content management and advanced security for mobile apps and data.

Conditional access

Provide improved security, increased IT efficiency and an improved user experience by allowing IT to easily identify, monitor BYOD/COBO/COPE devices and customize authentication paths.

Included products

Unified endpoint management for today – and beyond

Ivanti Neurons for MDM Premium

Deliver robust mobile device security, connectivity and access control for both cloud and on-premises applications.

Ivanti Neurons for DEX

Provide actionable insights on digital employee experience.

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence

Gain instant insights into your software landscape and application spend.

Use cases

Deliver key endpoint management outcomes

Secure UEM Professional supports extensive mobile device use cases for your frontline workers and mobile users.

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Empower your frontline workforce to be more productive

Easily deploy and update enterprise apps to devices so you can keep your frontline workers focused on work, not updating.

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Secure your mobile devices from attacks and harmful apps

Automatically validate devices to ensure only authorized users, devices, apps and services can access business resources.

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