The latest release of Ivanti Endpoint Manager includes several new features.

Enhanced Windows Autopilot support 

Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2022 will allow customers to easily deploy provisioned devices to end users, regardless of where they are located, without infrastructure changes. Additionally, Ivanti Endpoint Manager will continue to be the trusted solution to manage modern devices anywhere within the device lifecycle. These enhancements include adding new Autopilot functionality:

  • Updated search UI. 
  • Updated APIs. 
  • PowerShell requirements and detection rules.

Web console 2.0 – software distribution enhancements 

This enhancement now allows the helpdesk analyst role to deliver software to end users via the new web console. This includes the following features set for this role: 

  • Quickly find a user and/or device.
  • Install and uninstall software packages.
  • Find and filter between different types of software packages. 
  • Get deployment status via task notifications.

Console - improved query import capabilities 

Admins often require reporting on a large list of devices. Originally, EPM limited queries to 50 devices when importing. This limitation has been removed within the EPM console.

Improved inventory scanner for macOS 

Ivanti rewrote and optimized the agent inventory scanner to improve interoperability with macOS endpoints, making it more efficient and reducing scan time from 7-12 minutes down to 1-2 minutes. 

More resources

Visit the Ivanti Community Endpoint Manager page for additional resources, including release notes, and to download the latest service pack for Ivanti EPM products.