Ivanti Neurons for Healing

Diagnose and Remediate Issues Quickly and Proactively Using Automation-Powered Bots

Be More Self-Healing

Autonomously self-heal endpoints and edge devices. Optimize device performance, health and security.
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Automation-Powered Bots

Always on and always working, the bots detect and resolve issues before they become problems.
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Proactive Resolutions

Hyper-automation can transform your enterprise and scale your results and outcomes.
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Ivanti Neurons for Healing

Automation-powered bots to proactively diagnose and remediate issues quickly

Take troubleshooting off your agenda with automatic detection, diagnosing, healing and ticket classification of endpoint and security issues. Automation of routine tasks paves the way to creating a truly self-healing environment, reducing time and costs, while improving the employee experience.

Self-Healing With Your 24x7 Virtual Support Team​

Ease your support-team burden with automatic detection and resolution of IT issues, and connect with your end users proactively.​

Accurate insight​

Comprehensive diagnostics detect and notify IT of previously unreported issues and changes.


Resolve incidents automatically with automation-powered bots.

Optimize cost

Speed issue resolution and free up IT to focus on more innovation.