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Ivanti User Workspace Manager

Digital Workspace Management

Ivanti User Workspace Manager simplifies desktop configuration, cuts IT costs and secures user sessions while optimizing the user experience.

Slash workspace management costs, smooth migrations and accelerate user experience

Enable a personalized, secure user workspace across physical, virtual, and cloud desktops to simplify migrations, ease Office 365 adoption and exceed SLAs for user productivity.

Unified Digital Workspace

Fast, Secure and Compliant On-Premises and Cloud Desktops

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Effortless user migration

Migrate user profiles, settings, and files with or without hardware refresh—with no disruption to the user and minimal effort for IT.

Ease the move to the cloud

Smooth your journey to the cloud by roaming the user experience seamlessly between on-premises and cloud infrastructures using scalable, robust web services.

Ensure a great user experience

Eliminate logon scripts, eradicate complex group policy configuration, and deliver just-in-time personalization for lightning-fast logon times.

User personalization

On-demand personalization eliminates typical problems associated with roaming profiles, including slow logon times due to profile bloat, and loss of personal settings and help-desk calls due to profile corruption.

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Desktop configuration

The multi-threaded logon engine in User Workspace Manager replaces slow and complex logon scripts and GPO settings. Apply context-aware actions simultaneously at logon, rather than one-after-the-other.

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File sync and migration

The granular sync mechanism in our workspace management software allows users’ files to be synced to on-premises or cloud-based storage from anywhere within their user profile—either in the background, on-demand or in real-time—to provide effortless migration of users’ files and eliminate the issue of data sprawl where user files are saved across different devices.

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Transform the user workspace

Deliver responsive, secure desktops that users love, save money on server hardware, reduce IT management and eliminate security risks.

Agile Windows migration

Achieve future-proof, continuous migration with ease.

Easy file management

Eliminate data sprawl and reduce data-center costs.

Faster cloud adoption

Consistent on-premises, hybrid or full-cloud desktops.

Better user experience

Greater user acceptance of desktop transformation projects.

Greater security and compliance

Out-of-the-box protection against unknown threats.

Enhanced browser experience

Migrate user profiles, settings, and files with or extend the benefits of an improved user experience to SaaS applications and other browser-based use cases.

Included products

Ivanti User Workspace Manager

With Ivanti User Workspace Manager, you reap the benefits of these products managed from a central management console.

File Director

Centralize User Files, Automate Windows 10 and 11 Migration, and take control of OneDrive and Google Drive.

Performance Manager

Boost the number of users on servers; control CPU-hogging apps and resource apps.

Environment Manager

Deliver each user a personal desktop.

Application Control

Mitigate threats without manually managing extensive lists

Transform the desktop and your users' experience

With User Workspace Manager, you can deliver responsive, secure desktops that users love, save money on servers, manage users more effectively, and reduce endpoint security risk.