Environment ManagerDeliver each user a personal desktop.


Environment Manager eases Windows 10 migration headaches.

Optimize Office 365 in Virtual Desktops and Sessions.

Get to know 10.1

Data Sheet: Environment Manager 10.1. Boring title. Exciting stuff.


Personalize desktops, apply contextual policy on-demand

Fast logons? Roaming users with robust, always-personalized desktops? Smooth OS and physical-to-virtual migrations? Easy PC refreshes? IT adored by end users? Is this a dream?

Ivanti Environment Manager, powered by AppSense, makes the dream a reality with on-demand personalization and fine-grained, contextual policy control. IT delivers a great user experience, giving users exactly what they need to do their jobs—no more and no less. 

Migrate users easily... like our clients

Eliminating lengthy logons, corrupted profiles, and poor application performance makes users and IT more productive. See how one law firm migrated 1,500+ users and created roaming profiles. Two birds. One stone.

Ease migration woes, reduce logon times, delight users

Environment Manager decouples user settings and manages them separately from the desktop, allowing portability across devices. The result? Fast logons and personalized workspaces that users love, with less work for you.

Easy Win 10 migration
Windows 10 and physical-to-VDI migrations are easier when user settings are managed independently of the OS.
Easily apply highly granular policies specific to each user to comply with corporate and industry-based mandates.
Download the Dimensional Research white paper "The Value of a Great Desktop Experience" to discover the real costs related to long logons and a poor user experience.


Stream portions of user profile.


Migrate profile data between OS.


Auto self-healing in real time.


Trigger actions to conditions.

Environment Manager is a critical part of our plans for a smooth migration to Windows 10.
Sean HunnicuttVUC Engineering

Tailored workspaces without profile pain or scripts

Environment Manager enables fully personalized, consistent desktop environments without cumbersome roaming profiles or scripts, allowing IT to deliver fast, compliant, responsive workspaces easily. Just ask Vail Valley Health Care.

Personal desktops delivered

Give users what they need for their jobs