Application Control

Reduce risk, not productivity.
Security strategy elevated
See why strong app control spanning servers, workstations, and the MEM environment is a must for effective multi-layered security.
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Whitelist & manage admin rights
Enhance endpoint control, contextually.
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App control for Windows servers
Limit admin privileges without limiting productivity. Easily define who can use specific consoles, applications, and commands for servers.
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Immediate ransomware protection

Application control is essential

Patching is the first step to reducing the risk of ransomware and other malware. But how do you block what you can't patch: zero-day exploits, legacy systems, and patches that could break something in your environment?

Application Control combines dynamic whitelisting and privilege management to prevent unauthorized code execution without making IT manage extensive lists manually and without constraining users. Happy users mean help desk calls and reining in shadow IT don't become the end all and be all of your IT team's tasks.

ivanti application control
Without Application Control, we'd have to apply our most restrictive policies to every user.

Mitigate threats without manually managing extensive lists, and without creating obstacles to user productivity.

With Application Control you can manage user privileges and policy automatically, at a granular level, and allow for optional self-elevation when exceptions occur. Plus, you can prevent unauthorized code execution and enforce software licensing through our unique “trusted ownership” model.

App control made easy
Reduce your IT workload. Control applications and user privileges efficiently across your desktop and server environments.
Better control for MEM
Push Application Control configurations to endpoints. Use SCOM to gather events and auditing details.
Server access control
Manage administrative rights of non-­IT users by limiting logon rights to servers to perform specific tasks.
Balance security with user needs
Deliver the apps users need, when and where they need them, for a great user experience while keeping endpoints safe.

Trusted ownership

Simplify whitelisting. Allow only apps introduced by trusted administrators to execute.

Policy engine

Give your users access to what they need quickly, with seamless app access that relies on granular, context-aware policies.

Dynamic whitelisting

Create flexible, preventive policies to help ensure only known and trusted applications can execute on a system.

Privilege management

Balance access and security. Remove full admin rights, but provide granular access to the apps users need. 

Digital signatures

Ensure application integrity by assigning digital signatures to prevent modified or spoofed applications from executing.

On-demand change requests

Give users the ability to request emergency privilege elevation or application access when they need quick access to stay productive.

Application archiving

Copy prohibited files users tried to run and store them in a secure repository for analysis.

License management

Manage which users have permission to run named applications and for how long. 

Increase workstation and server protection

Application Control helps block malware and defend against zero-day vulnerabilities while balancing user needs with context-aware policies. 

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