Endpoint & Workspace Management

UEM vs. ITAM – What’s the Difference?

In 1996, Washington, DC and its surrounding communities were hit with a tremendous snow storm causing businesses to shut down across the entire region. Today, advances in technology allow people to work from almost anywhere, eliminating “snow day” shutdowns for most office workers. Mobility solutio


Ivanti Environment Manager – Office 365 Cache Roaming Concurrency

In the Environment Manager 2018.3 release we added support to our Cache Roaming feature for concurrent user connections to Office 365 from multiple sessions or desktops. This article discusses the pros and cons of our model compared to other approaches. The goal is to ensure that when a user has mul


2019 Is the Year of Windows 10

It’s been more than three years since Windows 10 first launched. That’s about the same timeframe many organizations use for their full hardware refresh. If you’re on that same cadence—and with the looming Windows 7 end-of-life being January 14, 2020—hopefully you’re swapping out the final third of o


NEW! Environment Manager 2018.3: OneDrive Cache Roaming for Virtual Sessions

Back in March 2018, we released version 10.1 FR4 of Ivanti Environment Manager which included a new Cache Roaming for Virtual Sessions feature, primarily aimed at solving issues with persisting Office 365 offline caches in non-persistent Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Remote Desktop Server