Services Programs Built Around Architecture, Configuration and Delivery

At Ivanti, we offer programs designed around your specific business model, whether you’re aligned with System Integrators, Managed Service, Professional Services or Support.

System Integrators

We partner with leading global and regional system integrators, consultancy and advisory firms. Each of them is a trained and certified organization that develops, designs and implements transformative IT outcomes for customers. To become a System Integrator, please apply today.

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Managed Service Providers

This program allows you to deliver a broad range of services, leveraging Ivanti MSP solutions to manage one or more aspects of your customers’ IT lifecycle, from identifying and inventorying all their endpoints to managing help desks, improving the user experience, securing, and monitoring devices, delivering patches and software and much more.

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Ivanti Professional Services

As a Professional Services Partner, you'll help customers maximize the potential of their Ivanti investment, helping drive retention and growth within your install base. Please note: Partners seeking to deliver Professional Services must hold an initial Reseller Partner agreement and meet Ivanti Consultant certification training requirements.

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Ivanti Support

Becoming an Ivanti Support Partner allows you to be the first-line support for your customers, leveraging the same tools and resources that Ivanti’s own support organization leverages.

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