DEI&B at Ivanti

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Environment

At Ivanti, a core value is creating an environment where all perspectives are heard, respected and valued so that everyone can bring a full range of views and talents to work with them every day.

Through inclusive practices and diversity, we believe we will be increasingly capable of solving complex challenges, locking arms with one another and providing unique insight and support to customers and partners.

Celebrating Pride Month: Embracing Pride and the Power of Inclusivity

Why Ivanti Cares About Diversity and Inclusion

It’s the right thing to do.

Having a robust diversity and inclusion program is fair and moral. It helps promote a workplace free of discrimination and lets us bring our whole selves to work.

We are Ivanti Pride - Sal Viveros
Sal describes how a workplace that encourages everyone to be themselves results in better work from everyone

It’s better for our team.

Having diversity of thought enhances creativity, increases innovation and leads to better decision-making and problem solving. Promoting diversity and inclusion improves retention and helps us recruit great talent.

We are Ivanti Pride - Tai Herndon
Hear from Tai about how an inclusive culture can affect positive change within an organization

It’s better for our customers.

Focusing on diversity and inclusion is good business practice. It helps us more closely mirror our customer base, and it is becoming an entry-point requirement for many government and enterprise RFPs.

We are Ivanti Pride - Kelton Lindstrom
Kelton talks about how different backgrounds and experiences contribute to positive outcomes for colleagues and customers

Ivanti Digital Accessibility Statement

We are working to ensure our websites and online services are accessible for all and are committed to following the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and other applicable accessibility laws. Read the Ivanti Digital Accessibility Statement to learn more.

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Lock arms with us as we strive for a supportive and inclusive future at Ivanti.