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Success Bundles

Get the expert guidance and support you need.

Select from bundles that combine elements of customer success, professional services, technical support and training and certification to help your organization achieve higher levels of success with your Ivanti solution.

Select the level of help that fits best with your organization's needs

With Ivanti Success Bundles you choose what level of support best fits with your needs and outcomes you want to achieve from your Ivanti solution.

support tiers

*Health Check applies to a single environment or one instance for one product with a maximum effort of 12 hours. Eligible products include: Ivanti Connect Secure, Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, Cherwell Service Manager, Ivanti Neurons for MDM, Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile or Ivanti Endpoint Manager.

Success Squad

Success Squad is ideal for organizations with complex environments and mission critical IT teams/systems.

With the Success Squad you’ll get support and advice from experts across the entire Ivanti team of experts, so that you can achieve high levels of success with and realize the full value of your Ivanti investment.

success squad

Enterprise Support

If you want to achieve a fast return on your Ivanti investment the Enterprise Support bundle is for you.

With Enterprise Support you get access to expert coaching and guidance, product learning and fast help to remediate issues when you need it most.

enterprise support

Premium Support

If you prefer a more do-it-yourself approach, Premium Support is for you. You’ll get a P1 Response SLA (24x7) of one hour and a named support manager in case you ever need to escalate a concern. Plus, one license for the Advantage Learning platform ensures your administrator has the product knowledge necessary to be successful day to day.

The product forums, knowledge base, and networking and learning opportunities through the global Ivanti Innovators peer communities are available to all customers.

premium support

Standard Support

All customers are automatically enrolled in our Standard support bundle. This includes access to the Customer Community and Knowledge Base; a P1 Response SLA of two hours, Monday–Friday, standard business hours and technical support via the online portal and phone.

standard support
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Ivanti Community

Get do-it-yourself help from Ivanti product forums and knowledge base.

Get started with an Ivanti Success Bundle

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