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Enterprise Support

Helping You Achieve Fast ROI

If you want to achieve a fast return on your Ivanti investment the Enterprise Support bundle is for you. With Enterprise Support you get access to expert coaching and guidance, product learning and fast help to remediate issues when you need it most.

Enterprise Support can help you

  • Get up and running and drive adoption of your new Ivanti solution.
  • Leverage best practices to improve and optimize.
  • Realize more value, faster.

Access to experts and resources

Expert advice, fast response to incidents and the learning resources to ensure you have the knowledge you need to succeed.

Customer Success Manager

Your success will be guided by a designated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will build a customized Success Plan to help you achieve a faster ROI. As your go-to Ivanti resource they will coordinate across Ivanti on your behalf.

Your CSM will diagnose your needs and recommend expert coaching programs to help you identify where you are in your value journey and what is possible with your Ivanti investment while supporting your onboarding and adoption goals.

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Technical Support

Your designated Enterprise Support Engineer (ESE) and Named Escalation Support Manager ensure you have a superior support experience. Your ESE understands your unique deployment and environment and acts as the single point of contact for ticket escalation in your primary region.

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Professional Services

We will do an annual health check of your architecture and policy setup to give you an overall deployment progress review and improvement recommendations.

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Training and Certification

Enterprise Support includes one user license for the Advantage Learning online platform and one virtual instructor-led class helping your administrator learn to use your Ivanti solution effectively.

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Your experience

We use a proven methodology to ensure a personal and individual experience aligned to your priorities.


Get an overview of your success resources, including Advantage Learning, and review your entitlements to make sure everything is clear.

Strategy & Planning

Work together with us to capture your strategic goals and initiatives, key stakeholders in your organization, and current KPIs for your Ivanti products.

Success Plan

Get your personalized success plan with clear calls to action.

Expert Coaching

Dive deeper into specific topics and get advice on best practices to help you realize the value from your investment.

Maturity and Value Progress

Regularly check in with us to learn about upcoming releases and new features, review any support cases you have logged and see how you're progressing against your success plan.

Domains Review

Review the status of your implementation, architecture, and policies and look for areas of improvement.

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