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Ivanti Connect Secure

Remote Access VPN

Ivanti Connect Secure provides a seamless, cost-effective SSL VPN solution for remote and mobile users from any web-enabled device to corporate resources— anytime, anywhere.

Proven secure corporate access

The most widely deployed SSL VPN for organizations of any size across every major industry.

Single unified client

Reduce management complexity with only one client for remote and on-site access. 

Easy integration

Directory Services, Identity Services, EMM/MDM, SIEM, NGFWs. 

Dynamic, adaptive multi-factor authentication

Biometric authentication, TOTP, SAML 2.0, PKI, IAM and digital certificates. 

Stateful endpoint compliance

Ensure that all devices comply with security requirements before connecting. 

Single sign-on

Simple, secure and streamlined access to on-premises and cloud-based resources. 

Zero-Trust connections

Protect data-in-motion with on-demand, per-application and always-on VPN options. 

Data center and multi-cloud

Access that’s easy, compliant and multi-cloud ready. 

Centralized management and visibility

Centrally manage policy and track users, devices, security state and access activity. 

Clientless access

Access web-based apps and virtual desktop products with nothing to install. 


Data access and protection requisites for industry and regulatory compliance. 

The Ivanti Unified Access License: Smooth move

Ivanti UAL's core licensing gives admins the power to deploy virtual VPN and ZTNA gateways for zero trust secure access simultaneously for users. Avoid business disruptions while transitioning to zero trust at your own pace without replacing current gateways.

Award-winning security

Ivanti ConnectSecure earned Highest User Adoption in the Software-Defined Perimeter category, Enterprise Leader in the Enterprise Zero Trust Networking category and High Performer in the Software-Defined Perimeter and Zero Trust Networking categories.

Source:, Inc.

G2 Badges - Summer 2023 - Leader, High Performer, Highest User Adoption

Optimal Gateway Selection
Endpoint Compliance
Always-On VPN

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