Ivanti Neurons for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Transform supply chain operations through low-risk automation solutions.

It’s time to connect, analyze, and act on your data in bigger, better ways.

Our purpose built Neurons for IIoT platform makes it easy to track and interpret material-handler KPIs and critical insights to make more better decision.

Enhanced Data Collection

With the Ivanti IIoT platform, you have greater control over data from any connected device.

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Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data analysis ensures teams have the insights needed right now to keep moving forward.

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No-Code Development

Our low and no-code environment reduces time to market without common IT constraints.

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Create Complex Connected Solutions

Our comprehensive platform enables developers to build best-in-class IIoT solutions in a fraction of the time.

It's a simple, low-risk approach to transforming customers operations – and it’s elevating the way supply chain companies do business.

Smoothly integrate data from any connected device, applications or existing device with Ivanti Velocity, and ensure diverse business insights.

Transform Your Business with Industrial IoT

Comprehensive IIoT technology from Ivanti connects machines, devices, workers and systems — maximizing uptime, deepening insights and improving visibility.

Boost Ongoing Revenue

Scale workflows and tap into new revenue streams.

Shorten Time-to-Market

No-code builder enables rapid creation of IIoT solutions.

Enhance Development Workflows

Boost productivity and efficiency with fewer resources and accelerate complex development.

Maximize Benefits

Leverage IIoT benefits plus existing Velocity fleets.

Innovative, scalable, simple and efficient, the platform perfectly meets the challenges and strategic ambitions of GLS France.

Rapidly Integrate IIot Automation within Existing Task Work

Built from the ground up – and with the Ivanti Velocity customer in mind – businesses can quickly automate existing task-worker processes without investing in costly WMS changes.


Integrate seamlessly into existing operations.


Add automation to existing task-worker processes for rapid, successful outcomes.


Make decisions faster with real-time data and analytics.


Orchestrate workflows to drive productivity and for peak performance through low-risk automation.


Simplify decision-making with real-time, contextual dashboards.

Empower Task Workers to Drive Operational Excellence

Integrate operational technologies, edge devices, and task workers into a process automation solution for data collections, analysis, and more.