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Responsible Disclosure Policy

Ivanti values software and information security. This is why Ivanti is dedicated to working with customers and the information and communications technology community to address any issues in a timely manner.

If any issue is discovered, please let us know! Submit the information to [email protected]. If it's of a more sensitive issue, we have our trusty PGP key here for your use (Fingerprint: 5A86 C77C A361 B145 8A2C  D672 DBF5 C7A9 FE96 C03D). If you want to verify the fingerprint, contact [email protected].

Any legitimate security issues reported will be rewarded with a genuine "thank you!" and a snazzy t-shirt. 

We ask that you:

  • Provide us with enough detail to replicate the problem (screenshots, step-by-steps, etc).
  • Give us time to fix the issue before publicly disclosing it so that our customers' data are not put at undue risk. 
  • Do not exploit the vulnerability to access/manipulate/delete data. That would be very not cool, and we will have to report you.
  • Do not ask us for payment. We will not pay money for disclosure. Snazzy t-shirts though…

We will:

  • Reply to you within one business day to let you know we received your report.
  • Evaluate your report to see if it's a real security issue.
  • Provide you a report on how we'll fix it and when we'll fix.
  • Let you know when it's been fixed.
  • Release a public report with you when appropriate.
  • Thank you for helping us be more secure.

Ivanti engineers will hold the sacred duty of determining the legitimacy of a potential security issue, and only the first reporter will qualify for credit. If you've played by the rules, we promise to not take legal action against you or do anything else uncalled for. We do reserve the right to press charges if you have not complied as well as the right to make changes to this program at any time. 

If you'd like to receive your snazzy t-shirt for reporting an issue that Ivanti engineers have deemed legit, please send us your t-shirt size and mailing address, and it'll be there before you know it. Thanks again for your assistance in helping us be a better Ivanti.

If you have any questions regarding Ivanti security, please reach out to [email protected]