In 2004, a joint initiative of the US Department of Homeland Security and the National Cybersecurity Alliance declared October National Cybersecurity Awareness Month to help raise awareness of the best practices to remain safe while working online. 

Vigilance enables us to maintain privacy and productivity for our own sake and for the organizations we may work for. Ivanti is committed to helping organizations stay safe in their work environment by providing the tools necessary to manage real risks in today’s work paradigm. 

Maintaining business continuity is essential to keeping your organization moving forward, with 88% of board members viewing cybersecurity as a business risk. Trust is temporal and must be subject to constant scrutiny – not something easily accomplished without the right tools that provide visibility and protection. 

Ivanti, too, keeps moving forward for our customers by continuously improving our products, and our fourth quarter release highlights this goal. Momentum continues across product lines, with an emphasis on user experience, awareness and discovery and, with Cybersecurity Awareness Month in mind, security hardening as well.

Awareness is crucial

Awareness and discovery are imperative, with cyberattacks from the exploitation of unknown, unmanaged or poorly managed internet-facing assets being experienced by nearly 7 in 10 organizations.

You simply can’t protect what you can’t see, and therefore, can’t actively manage. What makes the Ivanti portfolio unique is being paired with solutions that protect the user experience ­– while having security and IT operations in a centralized location.

A perfect example is Ivanti Neurons for UEM, which provides real-time intelligence into the health, security and performance of all your devices – detecting and remediating any issues and security threats before they can cause harm to your environment.   

Key security features added to Ivanti Neurons in 2022

Here are some highlights of the security capabilities Ivanti has added throughout 2022 to the Ivanti Neurons platform as we continue to support our customers’ journey to exceptional and secure employee self-service: 

  • Ivanti introduced Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management, a cloud-native solution that enables IT teams to efficiently prioritize and remediate the vulnerabilities that pose the most danger to their organizations. 
  • Ivanti Neurons for ITSM saw the addition of Security Event Management to help you import, create and manage events from Ivanti Neurons for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM).  
  • Ivanti Neurons Patch for MEM was released to extend Microsoft Intune with third-party patch publishing.  
  • Ivanti Neurons for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) and Ivanti Neurons for App Security Orchestration & Correlation (ASOC) were released to help organizations measure, prioritize and control their cybersecurity risk to better protect against ransomware and other dynamic threats.
  • Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base (VULN KB) was released to provide security experts with a global view of vulnerabilities and weaknesses. 
  • Ivanti and Lookout partnered to help organizations accelerate their cloud adoption and mature their zero trust security posture with Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access (ZTA), Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Lookout Secure Web Gateway (SWG). 
  • Ivanti Neurons for UEM enabled the many new security features delivered as part of Windows 11 22H2. 
  • Ivanti introduced additional FIDO2 capabilities for Ivanti Zero Sign-On (ZSO) to ensure employees can safely access devices and online services from the Everywhere Workplace.
  • The ISA-6000 and ISA-8000 hardware appliances were released, featuring massive performance improvements across the board, with throughput speeds for SSL and ESP traffic showing 2x to 3x improvements in lab testing.  

Momentum is growing across our entire product suite – aimed at improving time to value, employee efficiency and workgroup collaboration. The key themes this quarter are streamlining, automation and integration of tasks and systems with:

  • Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access (user onboarding).
  • Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access (automated actions). 
  • Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management (extended import capabilities).
  • Ivanti Neurons for RBVM and Ivanti Neurons for ASOC (additional integrations).
  • Ivanti Neurons for ITSM (additional integrations).
  • Ivanti Neurons for DEX (adaptive access policies). 

How Ivanti’s product suite improves security and risk management

Discovery and awareness aren’t just about assets, important especially for the efficacy of cybersecurity efforts, but also about insight into an employee’s own work. Understanding the impact and effect of one’s work to close the feedback loop enables the employee to receive certainty and assurance.

For example, Ivanti Neurons for ITSM delivers self-service and chat enhancements to enable better awareness, engagement and collaboration for organizations and their customers – enabling better productivity and satisfaction. 

Ivanti Neurons for HR brings improvements to case updates, batch processing, knowledge filtering, checklists and dashboards. Similarly, Ivanti Neurons for Facilities delivers additional capabilities to preventative maintenance, asset and location management.  

Cybersecurity awareness is an important initiative and best practice – even more effective when backed up with Ivanti’s proven protection. 

New capabilities are on deck across Ivanti’s product suite to harden and improve an organizations’ security posture and risk management ­– from inter-product integrations that raise awareness of risky applications in Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access, Mac endpoint vulnerability detection in Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management to improve overall posture awareness, intelligent analysis and new automation and orchestration features for adaptive risk mitigation in Ivanti Neurons for DEX. 

Preparing your employees 

Unsecure employee behavior is frequently the source of breaches, which is why organizations should use Cybersecurity Awareness Month to remind their employees about best practices. Help convert them from being liabilities to your first line of defense. 

Employing the tools at your disposal is also important to help manage risk, and better designed tools mean happier users – including your front-line cybersecurity staff. Ivanti is firm in our commitment to continuously improve our products, and we’re sure you’ll find that in this release.