Professional Services

Gain the most from your Ivanti solutions

Focus on your business stakeholders success by drawing on the expertise, knowledge and technical process skills of Ivanti Advantage Professional Services throughout your journey with Ivanti Solutions.

Managed Services
Expert technical assistance to keep your system up-to-date, provide best practices for engineers and IT staff.
Automated Solutions
Get relief from time-consuming manual processes that tie up your service desk and hamper productivity.
Business Outcome-focused Packages
Leverage fixed fee, business outcome-focused implementations, best-practice guidelines, and technical advisor guidance.
OS Migration
Migrate devices efficiently to the newest version of Windows, macOS, Linux, and others. We’re with you at every step of the process.
Technical Relationship Manager
Ongoing business process and technical architecture expertise to help you accelerate solution adoption and realize ROI.
Turnkey Implementations for ESM and UEM
Engage with your organization to plan, design, build, validate and deploy solutions on your ESM and UEM needs, as well as on Ivanti Neurons leveraging our highly experienced and skilled Professional Services experts.
Health Checks and Software Upgrades
Get a comprehensive review to ensure your exisiting Ivanti system is performing optimally. Software upgrades provide the latest version and features.

Managed Services

Has your Ivanti administrator left the company? Can’t find experienced engineers to step up? Don’t have the budget to bring on additional staff? No problem. We’ve got you covered with Ivanti Managed Services.

Keep Your System Healthy and Up-to-Date
Ensure Your System Has the Right Content
Provide Guidance on Best Practices
Train Your Engineers and Keep Them Effective

A cost-effective way to implement Ivanti solutions

Our deployment acceleration package supplies everything you need at a great price. Experience superior support and a rapid return on your software investment.

Technical Advisor
A Technical Advisor assigned to your project creates a deployment plan and provides a direct line of support if and when you need it.
Sample Services
From specialized training for your team to assistance with setup and configuration, discover how Ivanti can help you maximize your purchase.
Sample Deployment
Whether choosing a standard deployment or a more advanced approach, Ivanti is with you all along the way.

Dedicated customer service for UEM and reporting solutions

Take advantage of expert guidance in a wide range of Ivanti solutions. Our Technical Relationship Managers (TRMs) get to know your environment before diving in and helping you map out your goals and objectives.

As each engagement is launched, the TRM works with the broader Ivanti and customer teams to produce an initial assessment of your environment.
The TRM then produces short-term and long-term engagement plans at a high level according to the service level purchased.
Enablement activities ensure that members of your team have the knowledge and skills to deploy, maintain, and support an optimal Ivanti platform.
Many acceleration activities are optional and are aligned to your roadmaps and priorities.
Benefit from a joint review with the TRM each quarter.

New OS without the distress

Reduce your security risk by upgrading your machines to the latest version of Windows or macOS. Migrate easily, with minimal disruption to your users.

Administrative Control
Administrative Control

Maintain control of data and scheduling while allowing end users greater flexibility in the process.

Here to Stay
Here to Stay

Unlike other solutions that configure a system and remove it when the project is completed, this system stays in place so you can use it whenever needed.

User-Centered Migrations
User-Centered Migrations

Ivanti Migration Services allows end users to schedule the OS migration at a time that works for them. Plus, all their applications are there when they return to their machine.