ITSM Enterprise

Extend Service Management Beyond IT Workflows

For organizations looking to extend service management best practices beyond IT, ITSM Enterprise delivers a common service management experience across non-IT workflows while supporting critical strategic processes, all from a shared database of services and assets.

A consistent approach to service delivery across the enterprise

ITSM Enterprise is one of four Enterprise Service Management solution packages offered by Ivanti. It provides the complete set of IT service and asset management capabilities found in the ITSM Professional solution package, plus support for critical line-of-business and strategic workflows as outlined below to enhance cross-functional communication and reduce redundancies across the organization.

HR service management

Optimize HR service delivery with efficient case management, onboarding, self-service and back-to-work management, designed to enhance the employee experience. Gain valuable, actionable HR and employee insights. Lower operational costs while increasing employee satisfaction and productivity with on-demand self-service. Ensure a consistent, integrated service management experience for all employees, powered by the same configuration database as Ivanti Neurons ITSM.

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Facilities service management

Automate your facilities-related workflows to optimize business operations. Pre-configured tools tailored to your business' needs streamline the request process, increase productivity, reduce overhead and offer valuable insights into project costs, operational performance and more. Our mobile app, web browser, print and email tracking allow you to access and manage these tools anywhere, anytime.

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Project and portfolio management (PPM)

Eliminate the uncertainty of project execution to create a predictable project delivery system. Deliver consistent results, on time and under budget, for the whole organization. Automate workflows and improve productivity with collaboration tools. Connect corporate strategy to project plans and budgets through cross-portfolio views and control. Allocate resources appropriately and maximize project delivery. Leverage robust reporting tools and dashboards to analyze project costs and other factors. Accelerate business innovation with increased time to value.

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Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

Streamline your GRC management to ensure all authority documents, references, controls and risks are tracked in a unified system. Centralize regulatory documentation into one system for rapid mapping of citations to security and compliance controls. Harmonize regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, NERC-CIP, SOX, GDPR and others with security best-practice frameworks, including ISO 270001, NIST 800–53, CMMC and others, to reduce redundancy and enhance visibility into governance status. Proactively manage risk to reduce the probability of security breaches, ransomware attacks or data theft.

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Security operations management

Implement best practices to proactively manage threats, automate remediation of vulnerabilities and effectively respond to security events and incidents. Unify IT incident and change management with threat and vulnerability response across the entire environment.

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Features and capabilities

Implement enterprise service management

Create a common set of experiences for service management across the organization.

Departmental / LOB workflows

Support for core service management workflows outside IT.

Key processes

Support for core strategic processes to enhance service management.

Enhanced employee experience

A common service management experience across the enterprise.

Shared services

Efficient operations from a common database of shared services and configuration items.

Included products

Deliver service management across the organization

Create a common experience for employees from onboarding to day-to-day interactions with IT, HR, facilities and security. Manage strategic processes such as planning and risk management using a shared database of services and assets. ITSM Professional includes the following modules.

Ivanti Neurons for
Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Unify your GRC management to track all authority documents, citations, controls and risks in a single system.

Ivanti Neurons for
Security Operations Management

Manage and automate remediation of vulnerabilities as well as security events and incidents using best practices.

Ivanti Neurons for

Deliver streamlined, automated HR service management for a more efficient and productive employee experience.

Ivanti Neurons for

Meet the needs of business operations by automating facilities workflows and projects.

Ivanti Neurons for
Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)

Take the guesswork out of project execution and create a predictable project delivery machine that delivers results on time, under budget, organization-wide.

Use cases

Deliver key service management outcomes

ITSM Enterprise supports critical IT use cases for modern service delivery.

Extend service management across my organization

Integrated service, asset and operations management across IT and lines of business.

Manage IT workflows and services

Implement core IT service management for your organization.

Discover and manage all my IT assets

Increase service availability and reduce service outages through improved risk assessment and change coordination.


Extend ITSM Enterprise

Add key capabilities to your service management environment.

Ivanti Neurons
Digital Assistant

AI-powered conversational virtual support agent that automates the resolution of employee questions, issues and requests with personalized responses.

Ivanti Neurons for
Service Mapping

Identify critical assets and potential risks to business services and application availability.

Ivanti Neurons for

Efficiently and effectively prioritize the vulnerabilities and weaknesses that pose the most risk to better protect against ransomware and other cyber threats.

Ivanti Neurons

Simplify the process of creating and managing integrations with our low-code/no-code integration solution.

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