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Use Case

Discover and Manage All My IT Assets

Total visibility of your IT assets

Employees use more devices than ever – an average of 2.6 devices every day! That means you’ve got to know what assets are accessing your network, and even more importantly, how those devices might impact your IT environment.

Real‑time visibility

See endpoints in real time using active and passive scanning and third-party connectors.

Take advantage of actionable insights with normalized hardware and software inventory data, plus cloud consumption data from SaaS applications.

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Real-time threat detection

Determine what users and endpoints connect to the network, when they connect and what software is installed on them – then categorize the software reputation on each device based on the National Software Reference Library database.

Feed these insights directly to your security team so they can identify and block malicious actors and suspicious traffic.

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Manage assets from anywhere

Use the mobile app to manage your IT assets while working remotely or on the move. Search for assets, update fields, check for incidents and apply automated quick actions. Use asset barcode scanning to add assets to the database and look up or modify asset information.

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Uncover the full potential of your software

Spend less time and effort managing your software and cloud instances efficiently.

Aggregate installation and purchase information for critical insights into software usage, warranty and lifecycle information.

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Track your software application spend

Don’t let lack of oversight lead to overspending.

Easily identify waste from unused or inactive SaaS subscriptions and make necessary adjustments based on actual consumption.

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Features and capabilities

See everything. Secure everything. Heal everything.

Get complete visibility across all endpoints and its apps, including mobile, desktop and IoT, and proactively secure and heal devices with AI-driven automation. Offer the experience employees want — with the capabilities IT teams need.

Complete visibility and accurate IT asset insights

Discover and inventory all your endpoints in real time to improve security posture. Gain accurate and actionable asset insights in minutes.

Query all devices and get real‑time operational awareness

Use natural language processing (NLP) to get real-time intelligence across the enterprise in seconds. Sensor-based architecture provides quick operational awareness, real-time inventory and security configurations across the edge.

Deliver faster resolutions without disrupting users

Provide a 360-degree view of devices, users, applications and services with real-time data. Cut complexity, long wait times and high escalation costs for faster user resolutions and greater productivity.

Consistent lifecycle tracking

Full lifecycle asset management from procurement to purchase order and invoicing, receipt, deployment and disposal.

Dynamic product catalog

Gain visibility into purchased and assigned assets, current stock levels and active orders to increase provisioning speed while reducing service desk calls.

Total cost and contract visibility

Report on IT spend and calculate and track asset age and value. View and manage contracts effectively and make informed decisions for contract negotiations.

Normalization and reconciliation engine

Automatically clean up your data to standard name, mapping structure and classification with deduplication.

Turnkey AM and CMDB

Ease data population by consolidating information from UEM, network gateways, cloud services and ITSM.


Bring multiple data sources together for a 360-degree view of your IT assets.

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