ITSM Professional

Core IT Service and Asset Management

Get modern, best-in-class IT service management, asset management and discovery capabilities with the ITSM Professional solution package.

Build out your core IT service management capability with ITSM Professional

Manage service delivery in alignment with industry best practices and processes. Get visibility into your software and hardware so you can optimize assets. Deliver self-service and knowledge management across the organization.

ITSM Professional is one of four Enterprise Service Management solution packages offered by Ivanti. It provides the complete set of IT service and asset management capabilities as outlined below.

Service management

Ivanti's Service Management platform automates workflows to reduce manual processes, increase efficiency and guarantee compliance and security. Role-based dashboards let administrators monitor service delivery, quality and commitments in real time. For a truly omnichannel experience, self-service capabilities and built-in chat are included.

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Easily determine what users and endpoints connect to the network, when they connect and what software is installed on them. Active and passive scanning and third-party connectors provide actionable insights with normalized hardware and software inventory data, as well as software usage information, which automatically feeds your configuration management and asset management databases.

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Asset management

Consolidate your IT asset data while you track, configure, optimize and strategically manage your assets through their full lifecycle. Define and follow your own workflows or implement out-of-the-box processes with a configurable design. And get up-to-date asset information, easy request management and improved service delivery with an asset repository that easily integrates with your service management CMDB.

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Spend intelligence

Uncover instant insights into your software landscape and application spend for on-prem, cloud and edge environments. Improve operational speed, asset visibility and utilization while cutting costs. And get detailed analysis within minutes, presented in engaging dashboards that show your licenses, purchases and instances so you can track your purchase history, upcoming license renewals, contract expirations and ongoing spend more effectively.

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Features and capabilities

Modern IT service delivery

The full set of service and asset management capabilities your organization needs.

Request management

Effortlessly deliver requested information and items to employees.

Incident management

Quickly diagnose and remediate employee device and application issues.

Change management

Increase service availability (or reduce service outages – your pick!) through improved risk assessment and change coordination.

Knowledge management

Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) and satisfy customers with consistent IT solutions.

Event management

Rapidly capture, diagnose and resolve unforeseen system events.

Configuration management

Maintain consistent device, system and service performance throughout their lifecycle.

Reporting and dashboards

Gain immediate insight into all facets of IT service delivery.

Service level management

Ensure service quality standards are measured and service expectations are clear.

Runbook automation

Standardize operations to improve quality and reduce errors.

Asset discovery

Automate hardware and software identification to improve efficiency and enhance security.

Omnichannel support

Offer end users support using their preferred communication method.

IT asset management

Easily gain efficiency and reduce business risk by controlling and optimizing IT spending.

Included products

Service and asset management for today – and beyond

Implement and manage the full range of IT services and workflows. Discover, manage and optimize all your IT assets.

Ivanti Neurons for

Modernize service delivery for IT and beyond.

Ivanti Neurons for

Gain in-depth knowledge and insights for managing the full lifecycle of hardware and software assets.

Ivanti Neurons for

Determine what users and endpoints connect to the network, when they connect and what software is installed on them.

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Spend Intelligence

Gain instant insights into your software landscape and application spend.

Use cases

Deliver key service management outcomes

ITSM Professional supports critical IT use cases for modern service delivery.

Manage IT workflows and services

Implement core IT service management for your organization.

Discover and manage all my IT assets

Increase service availability and reduce service outages through improved risk assessment and change coordination.


Extend ITSM Professional

Add key capabilities to your service management environment.

Ivanti Neurons
Digital Assistant

AI-powered conversational virtual support agent that automates resolution of employee questions, issues and requests with personalized responses.

Ivanti Neurons for
Service Mapping

Identify critical assets and potential risks to business services and application availability.

Ivanti Neurons

Simplify the process of creating and managing integrations with our low-code/no-code integration solution.

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