Windows Device Management

Get more visibility into your entire Windows fleet and put your IT team on a path towards hyper-automation — enabling you to self-heal, self-secure your devices and provide a personalized, contextual experience.

See and manage all your Windows endpoints

Manage all different types of Windows devices efficiently. Provide IT teams a comprehensive tool to automate and streamline Windows device enrollment, provisioning and deployment.

Centralize visibility, ensure security and accelerate updates

IT Departments continue to have difficulties tracking versions of Windows deployed in their environment. They need help managing and controlling seamless migrations to new Windows versions. Additionally, malware poses a serious threat and needs IT to stay vigilant with the latest security patches.


Comprehensive Windows device and patch management

A scalable platform to onboard, manage and secure your Windows devices using both modern and client-based management.

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Key Features and Capabilities

Manage and secure Windows devices

Streamline Windows provisioning and deployment

Use provisioning templates to automate your Windows upgrade processes, including communications with users, laying down all supported and licensed applications, and standardizing your Windows images. Deploy your Windows devices effortlessly via direct integration with Windows Autopilot.

Manage and secure all your Windows endpoints no matter where they are

Use Modern Device Management to help manage and secure all your Windows devices, whether in the office, travelling, or working from home. Discover them, place them under management, and associate them with each user via the cloud.

Enhance your Co-Management Experience of Windows devices

Enable agent-based device management for real-time discovery, remote actions, and efficient file distribution to enhance application and patch delivery, either from the cloud or on-premises.

Deliver applications to your Windows endpoints

Efficiently deliver business-critical applications to all users and allow them to run their favorite applications from either the Microsoft Store or Ivanti’s application portal.

Unify Endpoint and Patch Management Processes

Make configuration changes or push patches or applications universally to Windows PCs or other devices, all from one platform. Our third-party software patch catalog continually evolves and expands, enhancing the user experience and enabling organizations to repurpose third-party tools.

Reclaim Windows software licenses

Tracking Windows software usage helps optimize your software licenses as part of your overall asset management strategy. Reclaim unused licenses and re-allocate where needed.

Edge Device Intelligence

Query all Windows edge devices and get real-time operational awareness across the enterprise in seconds with Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence.

Adopt a Windows Zero-Trust Security Framework

Keep everything updated to prevent Windows device vulnerabilities. Counter security attacks and risks from viruses, ransomware, and user-initiated configuration changes. Effective multi-layered Windows security including privilege management to ensure only authorized users and applications can be utilized.

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To manage all different types of Windows devices efficiently, IT teams need comprehensive tools to automate and streamline Windows device enrollment, provisioning and deployment.

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