Secure Devices with Mobile Threat Defense

Defend and remediate threats targeting mobile devices.

Protect Against Mobile Phishing

Balance security and privacy with 100% user adoption plus multi-tiered phishing protection and remediation.

Easy Deployment

MTD is built into the Ivanti UEM client and can’t be disabled, ensuring seamless, continuous protection.

Speed Matters

Faster, on-device detection and remediation of known and unknown threats, even offline. 

Continuous App Visibility and Evaluation

Continuously review and evaluate the mobile apps on your users’ Android and iOS devices. 

Granular Control

Easily identify apps that could potentially access and expose sensitive material. 

User-Friendly Compliance

Balance security and productivity with automated, incremental and non-intrusive compliance actions. 

Improve your security posture

A multi-layered approach to security provides the best protection against today's mobile threats.

Detect and Remediate Mobile Phishing Attacks

Mobile Threat Detection Through Machine Learning

Complete Mobile Phishing Protection

Benefits of Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense

Universal Activation

Improve the security posture of your organization by achieving 100% user activation. 

Cost-Effective Operations

Proactive protection against unnecessary expenses by reducing exposure, fines and reputation damage. 

Uninterrupted Threat Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms provide ongoing threat intelligence, even offline. 

Actionable Insights

Leverage threat assessment scores and gain insights to determine appropriate compliance actions. 

Mitigate Data Loss

Compliance actions and threat notifications on the device mitigate data loss. 

Flexible Deployment

Choose between flexible cloud-based and on-premises deployment options. 

Security for the Everywhere Workplace