Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

Secure Mobile Threat Defense Solution

Detect and remediate known and zero-day threats on both corporate and employee-owned mobile devices – even when those devices are offline.

Defend and remediate against mobile threats

Protect mobile devices against device, network, application and phishing attacks.

Defend and remediate against mobile threats

Protect mobile devices against device, network, application and phishing attacks.

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Protect against mobile phishing attacks

Leverage a multi-tiered approach to phishing protection and remediation to support the best security posture for your organization.​

  • Drive and maintain 100% user adoption.​
  • Leverage machine learning and phishing URL lookup on-device - no Wi-Fi or cellular connection required.​
  • Activate cloud-based phishing URL lookup to improve detection capability.​
  • Control the balance between security and privacy. ​
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Easily deploy to managed devices

Ivanti MTD is built into the Ivanti Neurons for MDM and Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile clients so that admins can achieve 100% user adoption.​

  • No user action is required to deploy and activate MTD on managed Android, iOS and iPadOS devices.​
  • Protect and remediate against mobile phishing attacks – as well as attacks that occur at the device, network and application levels.​
  • Create and enforce compliance policies to prevent users from disabling MTD or removing it from their device.
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Enhanced machine learning

Machine learning algorithms provide immediate and ongoing visibility into malicious threats across all protected Android, iOS and iPadOS devices.​

  • Gain real-time insight into the apps installed on user devices.​
  • Improve decision-making using analytics and detailed reports that provide threat assessment score, explanation of risks and implications.
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Continuous app visibility and evaluation

Ensure only safe apps are deployed on employees’ mobile devices.

  • Easily determine the number of users who have risky apps on their devices.​
  • Proactively leverage app usage policies to allow safe apps and disallow risky apps.​
  • Allow or deny apps based on app risk scoring, app behaviors, domains, certificates, shared code and network communications.​
  • Upload any app for analysis by using an app store URL or an actual file.​

Granular control

Stay one step ahead of mobile threats with a range of administrative features.

  • Quickly uncover those mobile apps that violate your organization’s compliance policies and take necessary corrective actions.​
  • Filter mobile apps via a variety of characteristics such as location gathering, SMS reading and screen recording.​
  • Receive notifications when newly created apps include characteristics that you have identified as security risks, and disallow those apps.
  • Leverage mobile app security and privacy risk summary reports to make faster, more informed decisions.​
granular policy control

Flexible compliance actions support user productivity​

Improve your mobile security posture without sacrificing user productivity.

  • Choose from a list of granular compliance actions that can be either server-initiated or initiated at the device level.​
  • Create and apply multiple local remediation action configurations to different user groups.​
  • Shorten the “kill chain” for attacks by transforming the mobile device into the policy enforcement point to reduce detection time of threats and attacks.
policy and compliance configuration

Benefits of Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense

Universal activation

Improve the security posture of your organization by achieving 100% user activation. 

Cost-effective operations

Proactively protect against unnecessary expenses by reducing exposure, fines and reputation damage.

Uninterrupted threat intelligence

Machine learning algorithms provide ongoing threat intelligence, even offline. 

Actionable insights

Leverage threat assessment scores and gain insights to determine appropriate compliance actions. 

Mitigate data loss

Compliance actions and threat notifications on the device mitigate data loss. 

Flexible deployment

Choose between flexible cloud-based and on-premises deployment options. 

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A multi-layered approach to security provides the best protection against today's mobile threats.

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