Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: 

  • Automation 
  • Ivanti Cloud 
  • IT Asset Management 
  • Unified Endpoint Management 


Automation connector integrates with ISEC to automate patching 

New connector for Ivanti Automation enables customers to integrate with ISEC to automate patching for complex workloads  

The connector allows you to automate many of your day-to-day operations, saving you considerable time and effort. With the release of the Automation connector for Ivanti Security Controls, administrators now can automate many common tasks within the Security Controls solution. Utilize the Automation connector to create and manage machine or patch group, and, add endpoints and jobs to patch groups. Schedule reoccurring scan and deployment scenarios within Automation. The administrator can combine these connector tasks with virtual machine provisioning tasks in Automation to dynamically scan new endpoints and build reoccurring automation jobs to update patch groups. 


Ivanti Cloud Updates 

Added queries to Real-time and much more 

We’ve been busy adding functionality and making improvements to the user experience in Ivanti Cloud. You’ll find that the following updates touch several different areas of Ivanti Cloud, including Real-time capabilities, how we get data into Ivanti Cloud and work with it, actions and automation that can be quickly customized, security infrastructure, and the user experience: 

Real-Time Capabilities 

Feature: Mac Agent download

Enabled the ability to download an Ivanti Cloud agent to a Mac device so that Mac users can get inventory and real-time data. 

Feature: Device isolation query 

It is often necessary to temporarily isolate a device from the network for security reasons. Real-Time capabilities now support the action to isolate a device from the network, but also to connect it back again. This query provides an overview of all devices that are isolated and connected and has default actions to isolate or reconnect the device.        

Feature: Active ports query 

The new "Active Ports" query shows an overview of all standard and non-standard ports ( in listening state that are “allowed” or “blocked” on your devices.      

Feature: User profile sizes query 

Shows the disk space taken for desktop settings and other information related to each account. Also includes an action to delete a specified profile from a machine.      

Feature: Device uptime query 

This query shows the amount of time a device has been active since it's last reboot. It is also possible to perform a remote reboot, which will inform the end user that a reboot will occur in 10 minutes.      

Enhancement: Memory usage query 

Similar to the CPU usage query, the memory usage query now reports on the process that consumes the most memory. The top process information is also visible on the device/user dashboard.      

Enhancement: Event log query 

You can now filter the event log sensor, by machine name or from your search question. Simply enter the machine name into your query, e.g. “Show me event log summary for [device name]”.      

Data Services & Connectors 

Feature: CSV Connector 

Collects devices, users or business units from CSV-formatted files that are exported from any source. Source data is mapped into a standard set of attributes defined for each data object. The connector is run based on a schedule that you define. Use this connector for data sources that do not have a dedicated connector yet in Ivanti Cloud, such as Solarwinds, Airwatch or SAP.”  

Enhancement: Improve Discovery Services query response time 

Paging through all the discovered devices is much more responsive and returns devices promptly. Also improved the current telemetry and added more to the discovery services. 

Enhancement: Improved data processing and better performance 

A newer version of NodeJS 6 has been implemented to enable better performance. Other enhancements have been made to the way we process data in the cloud to make it perform faster, and more efficient.  

Actions & Automation Fabric 

Feature: Delete device action 

A device can be removed from the Ivanti Cloud. A warning message will appear asking the user if they are sure they want it to be deleted. 

Feature: Bulk invites 

It is now possible to add multiple users to an Ivanti Cloud tenant in the same workflow. There is also the ability to choose the security role(s) that should apply to users as part of the workflow. 


Enhancement: Improved Security 

The Authentication mechanism was recently re-architected to improve security and extendibility. We also increased the minimum password length to 12 characters for new user accounts.  

User Experience 

Feature: Other Ivanti products page 

This allows users to try out other Ivanti products such as Ivanti License Optimizer. We made it easy to find in the left-hand navigation.  

Feature: Unsupported browser detection 

Users will receive a prompt instructing them to use a supported browser if they attempt to connect with an unsupported browser type. The currently supported browsers are Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. 

Enhancement: Device details 

Added a new column in the device view for Real-time capabilities. The new column returns "Enabled" if a cloud agent with Real-time exists on the device. The filter option allows the user to see only devices with Real-time enabled. Thus, making it easy to determine which devices have the Ivanti Cloud agent and which ones don’t. Also Standardized the values that are displayed in the device page (Bytes, MB, GB, Hz, Mz etc.) 

Enhancement: Implement global header 

Enhanced Global Header now streamlines access to product help and profile settings. Within profile settings, a user is able to change their name and/or language preferences. 

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Data Center Discovery 2019.1 provides improved SQL server discovery and more 

Download the latest version from the Community today 

See through layers of virtualization and clustering, reconcile, and optimize your software spend. Data Center Discovery automates the discovery of on-premises hybrid cloud virtualization environments, including VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, and IBM Power Virtualization. The solution captures a wide range of data, including edition, version, service pack, and build number. It also aggregates insight on installed software, running processes and services, and user configuration.  

The latest version 2019.1 provides various updates and improvements, including: 

  • Refactored logging configuration which greatly reduces service log size 
  • Improved SQL server discovery, including edition 
  • Improvements in UI 
  • Oracle core factor calculation  
  • Various bugfixes 

 For more information and to download Data Center Discovery, please visit Ivanti Community


Unified Endpoint Manager 2019.1– Improved experience, security, and manageability

Performance tuning across the entire suite, with significant updates in security and patch

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager builds upon its proven and reliable functionality in release 2019.1. Our customers will see improved functionality across the entire suite and note a special focus on security and patch functionality. 

Here are the key improvements in this latest release: 

Patch Impact Analysis- Continuing the journey that started with release 2018.3, our new patent-pending technology delivers on Ivanti’s goal of providing patch prediction and increased learnings. In release 2019.1, we can now predict the operational impact of a patch on the customer environment before deploying the patch. Post-deployment, we continue to collect feedback, analyze, and relay back the real impact of the patch on the customer environment (i.e. by deploying this patch did it break something for end users). 

Patch Filtering- This update simplifies the process of creating custom patch filters while adding new capabilities. Choose the operating systems and corresponding products, the severity, the security level, and the group. Saved patch filters can then be set to automatically generate a patch Tuesday group based on filter criteria.  

CVE to Patch- Many of our customers use risk scanner tools to detect all types of vulnerabilities in their environment.  In most cases, it is the IT team’s task to remediate those vulnerabilities once detected. Fortunately, many can be remediated by deploying a software patch. 

In this new EPM version, we have added the ability to import the finding of a vulnerabilities scan into EPM. As a result, EPM will create a group of all patches, that if deployed will solve the vulnerabilities as reported by the risk scanner. This will allow IT admins to easily detect and remediate vulnerabilities quickly. 

Remote Control Consolidation- Ivanti has released a next-gen RC tool that has been re-architected for more optimal performance. New capabilities include Agent-Less support and a simpler Helpdesk Analyst interface. 

Integrated Privilege Management- In this feature upgrade, we’re giving Unified Endpoint Manager embedded privilege management. Through the integration of Application Control our customers can now grant the correct privileges to employees right within the Endpoint Manager security console. 

Beyond these improvements, release 2019.1 additionally brings the following updates: 

  • Security Hardening 
  • Cloud Enablement 
  • Increased Mobile Management 
  • Increased Modern Management  
  • Enhanced Windows Action Package 
  • Bitdefender Integration for Mac 

See the full details in the release notes.