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Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023

What Hidden Threats Can Impact Even “Cybersecure” Organizations?

No matter how strong your cybersecurity program is, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an opportunity to reflect on how your employees experience your security culture.

New Ivanti research proves what many security pros already suspect: that top-down, one-size-fits-all enterprise security culture ignores the unique ways demographic factors – geography, age, gender and role, among others – influence individual behavior.

In this series, we investigate everything from risky employee behaviors to inconsistencies in security culture, uncovering the risks that hide behind big-picture averages.

Which Gen is More Tech-Savvy? A Workforce Dilemma

According to new research by Ivanti, the employees who are the most tech-savvy and the employee age group that’s the most aware of the risks of using tech isn’t necessarily the one you might expect. Why is that? And what are the issues it creates for an enterprise?

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Red Flag Reluctance: The Risk to Cybersecurity

Will your employees get in touch quickly if they have a security concern? Ivanti’s research shows that specific segments of your employee base may hesitate to reach out — something organizations should be aware of as they develop outreach and training programs.

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International Inconsistencies: How Cybersecurity Preparedness Varies Across Countries

Ivanti’s research shows important differences in security culture at the country level — in terms of both training provided by the organization and employee-level attitudes. What are examples, and why should cybersecurity professionals within large enterprises feel concerned?

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Taking a Real Look at Hidden Risk

It’s great if your organization can claim cybersecurity excellence at the macro level. But here’s why you need to learn how prepared your employees, processes and tools are at the ground level, across geographies, localities and business units, for dealing with the multiplying threats being faced by your enterprise. And what are the concrete measures you can take to improve that posture?

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Take a Deep Dive into the Research

How do workforce demographics impact your security posture? Dive into the details by downloading the full report.