Deploying software to 10,000 PCs and going from 10 servers to 2

Consistently ranked as the No. 1 integrated healthcare system in Southern California by Modern Healthcare, Sharp HealthCare is San Diego’s most comprehensive healthcare delivery system. It is recognized for clinical excellence for services in cardiac, cancer, and multi-organ transplantation, as well as orthopedics, rehabilitation, behavioral health, and women’s health. The Sharp system includes four acute-care hospitals, three specialty hospitals, three affiliated medical groups, and a full spectrum of other facilities and services. 

Industry: Healthcare

Employees: 18000



Unified Endpoint Manager

Ivanti Endpoint Manager is a proven client management solution that helps IT do more than keep the business up and running. It is core to: 1) discovering everything that touches the network; 2) automating software delivery; 3) managing all the devices users access; and 4) integrating actions with multiple IT solutions—all from a single, unified management suite.

User Workspace Manager
Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) enables IT to deliver and centrally manage personalized, high-performing, compliant Windows desktops, regardless of the user’s location or device, across physical, virtual, and cloud platforms. UWM simplifies desktop deployment and management, improves user experience, secures endpoints, and reduces IT infrastructure costs.
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[product summary]

Keeping PCs healthy and properly equipped

When Sharp decided to transition its IT environment to all Microsoft servers and become a “Microsoft shop”, it initially assumed that leveraging Microsoft SMS for its software distribution efforts would be the best choice. But it was taken aback by the amount of hardware required to implement SMS. Supporting 10,000 PCs distributed among Sharp’s five major locations and 35 satellite office buildings would require investing in 10 new servers. The fact that Ivanti required only two servers and would be easy to implement in the environment made the choice a no-brainer.

Benefits to Sharp Healthcare

Geographically distributed infrastructure

With Ivanti Endpoint Manager (formely LDMS), Sharp can support 10,000 PCs with just a single SQL server and an Ivanti core server.

Individual PCs can become temporary site servers

When Sharp does a 100MB application upgrade, that upgrade only has to cross its WAN link once to the remote PCs acting as temporary site servers.

Technical account management leverages product investment

Sharp invested in the Ivanti Technical Relationship Manager (TRM) program, a strategic resource designed to accelerate solution adoption and ROI for Ivanti products.

Personalized support

Ivanti's support program helps immensely with the learning curve.

Deploying more software with less hardware

With solutions and support from Ivanti, Sharp HealthCare was able to implement a cost-effective, Windows-based software deployment solution that can manage and deploy software to 10,000 geographically distributed PCs with far fewer servers than otherwise required with Microsoft SMS.