Case Study

BCD Travel

BCD Travel is a leading travel management company with an IT team that aims for market-leading performance. This team needed a reliable solution capable of supporting a global workforce.


Endpoints: 15000

The Challenge

Modernizing remote and office workspaces

With global operations throughout the world, BCD Travel needed to ensure an exceedingly high level of compliance and operational excellence on more than 15,000 endpoints in 109 countries. When COVID-19 changed the way employees worked, Sanjeev Pathak, Director of Modern Workplace Technology – Endpoint Management, needed a way to automate many processes for his team while more remote devices were coming online. The visibility with Ivanti Neurons for Edge to see from where a device goes online and at what network latency helped to keep things secure.

Why Ivanti

Ivanti Neurons prevailed against the competition to bring a 360-degree view to the IT department

BCD Travel is an organization with multiple locations across the globe. Ivanti Neurons perfectly addressed its needs to manage a decentralized network and a large footprint of home-office devices. The ability of Ivanti Neurons to discover, secure, and service the vast amounts of endpoints that BCD Travel manages is exactly what was needed.

The realtime, 360-degree view lets the IT team know quickly what’s in the environment, where it’s located, and the status of each device. From there, analysts can drill down and take actions, many of which can be automated. The solution stood out because of its open system architecture that allowed integration with other existing tools. What’s more, BCD Travel has trusted Ivanti for over 10 years to help its IT team achieve operational excellence. Whom to trust for this next challenge was a simple decision.

Ivanti Neurons for Healing
Take troubleshooting off your agenda with automatic detection, diagnosing and healing of endpoint issues.
Ivanti Neurons Workspace
Speed up resolutions and deliver more efficient and productive work experiences.
To get all stakeholders on board, we had to put the new solution through a live test. We were very pleased with the results.
Sanjeev PathakDirector, Modern Workplace Technology – Endpoint Management
The Results

A Compliant, Productive, Modernized Solution

Ivanti Neurons delivered multiple options to manage many kinds of devices, which allowed BCD Travel to select the best fit. Because of the successful management of enduser devices, BCD Travel decided to extend the Ivanti solutions to servers as well.

A Quick System Implementation
The overall integration was completed in just two weeks based on a previous design workshop, with a rollout to more than 15,000 devices.
Work from ANYWHERE Became Simple
Employees can now work wherever they need while the security, control, and support of those devices remains simple and easy.
User Experience Always Comes First
With automation in place, end users experience resolutions faster than before.
Efficient IT Support
Problems are now identified before they are reported, allowing Sanjeev’s team to be proactive rather than reactive.
Final Thoughts

A Partnership Built to Last

The longtime cooperation with Ivanti has enabled BCD Travel to manage the everchanging demands that IT teams face. The company plans to drive the adoption of a modernized IT experience to enable its employees to work from anywhere.

Sanjeev and his team are confident with Ivanti products. They have a state-of-the-art tool that is comprehensive and progressive.

We have a successful relationship with Ivanti of more than 10 years, and with Ivanti Neurons that relationship continues to grow.
Sanjeev PathakDirector, Modern Workplace Technology – Endpoint Management

Note: A customer’s results are specific to its total environment/experience, of which Ivanti is a part. Individual results may vary based on each customer’s unique environment.