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Success story

Achieving Business Service Management Success with Ivanti

Leveraging its ITIL investment cost‑effectively

CPUT had invested heavily in ITIL as a discipline. It had worked to develop strong skills in the framework, familiarity with the terminology and a keen focus on functional requirements and capacity management for defining, managing, and delivering IT services in a cost-effective and timely way. It knew exactly what it needed when it came time to acquire a solution to support ITSM best practices according to ITIL.

Meeting mobile requirements and audit demands

Students and staff are roaming more. Even if managers are not on campus, they can approve a request for change or look at calls on their phone. Work gets done, and it still gets recorded.

The automation benefits of self-service

CPUT has created many self-service applications that users can log on to. Among those users are students and academics who request services or help, as well as support staff who fulfill those requests, such as activating new laptops or resolving incidents. Whether users prefer to request service or report an issue via self service, or call the service desk, the requests are routed swiftly to the right support team.

Eliminating manual tasks reduces risk

“The value of process automation can’t be underestimated,” says Hennie Pretorius, strategic services manager at CPUT. “Eliminating manual tasks lessens the risk that important business processes like change management will fail. Even better is automating that process as simply as possible, which CPUT has done for change management using the strength of Ivanti.”

Reporting delivers real statistics

IT staff members access genuine stats into the relationship between an incident, problem, or change, and provide evidence of change governance to both external and internal auditors. The focus on audit is strong, especially in change management. Analysis of logged calls enables IT to understand and convey the impact of one configuration item change on another, reducing the chances of unintended service outages.

Additional uses for powerful workflow engine

For a large contracts-management project, CPUT will leverage Ivanti to follow the lifecycle of 16 to 20 contract types—from payments, to memos of understanding, to legal contracts and software maintenance contracts.

Sharing expertise with the community

CPUT is supporting Ivanti’s efforts to expand service management and Ivanti expertise in South Africa’s Western Cape, including making labs available and potentially a short course. “We’d like to make Ivanti more accessible to the local market, and share skills and competencies with one another,” says Pretorius, CPUT strategic services manager.

Increased adoption within the university

CPUT had no idea how positively users would react to the SaaS-based service management platform. The dramatic increase in client performance was well-received, and the fact that users could access the solution from any network-linked device translated into an increase in adoption.

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