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Dorman Reduces Picking Inaccuracy by 86% with Ivanti Wavelink

Identifying the problem

Dorman Products had implemented a previous voice solution for its distribution centers. But their accuracy didn’t improve and it required intensive training and management. Looking for other solutions, Dorman enlisted the help of solution partner Procensis. Procensis is a leading provider of mobility and network design solutions focused on the latest network, device and convergence technology to help businesses achieve the most effective workflows. 

According to Monty Burrell, director of operations at Dorman Products, radar picking was the company’s vision, ensuring that the system and not the human, was driving accuracy. “We wanted to have a signal to drive our pickers to a location, pick the correct quantity of parts, so they could go to the next location. We wanted to eliminate nonvalue added steps.” 

Procensis recommended that Dorman implement these Ivanti solutions: Velocity, Speakeasy and Avalanche.

Results with Ivanti

Within three weeks, Dorman reduced the number of incorrect items picked by 86%! And they’re still getting used to the system. “We’re running around 99.91% of picking accuracy. The goal within six weeks is 99.95%. And I’m confident we will get there.” 

Burrell also notes that the previous solution required weeks of development, procedures and cheat sheets. “And after we had all that,’ he says, “we had to go into training them, and it was several hours of training for each user. But with Ivanti Speakeasy, 15 minutes of a quick overview.” 

Burrell concluded, “We looked at one of our top 4 customers, and compared a December 2017 snapshot versus just last week, beginning February 19, 2018. We improved productivity by 15% with that one customer in picking.” 

According to Greg Bowen, OpEx Engineer at Dorman Products, pickers in the past had to use the function keys to navigate through the processes. With Ivanti Velocity, Procensis was able to remove the fields not used, highlight the fields used, bold them and make them stand out in different colors.  

“Some of this has even been driven from user requests, says Bowen. “They turned all the function keys into buttons. So, they’re navigating, instead of F3 back, they’re hitting the button that says ‘Back’. For new users, it just makes sense. It works just like your phone, so it’s great.”

Note: A customer’s results are specific to its total environment/experience, of which Ivanti is a part. Individual results may vary based on each customer’s unique environment.


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