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Neisa uses Ivanti® Service Manager out-of-the-box functionality and content to significantly improve its efficiency and consistency delivering IT services to its customers.


When we saw how easy Service Manager from Ivanti has been developed, we thought, we’d go for that. And so far, we have not been disappointed. It's an easy to use, out-of-the-box tool.

Preben Duus JorgensenCEONeisa Nordic IT Service Company

Neisa is one of Denmark’s oldest and largest IT service providers, offering small- and medium-sized business a wide range of services on all common IT products, as well as on electronic devices.

The goal is to deliver complete IT lifecycle management for each of its customers, handling all things IT, including: security, endpoint management, service management, and automation. To accomplish this goal in the past, Neisa has used Ivanti Automation. To further make lifecycle IT management easier for the company, it has implemented Ivanti Service Manager.

Ivanti Service Manager lets Neisa:
•    Provide an individualized self-serve platform for each customer
•    Save administration time and effort resolving service tickets
•    Respond quicker to customer requests and changes
•    Offer additional products like security, endpoint management, etc.
•    Reduce implementation investment costs and time

Out-of-the-box functionality is where Ivanti Service Manager sets itself apart. Neisa saves time, energy, and money implementing Service Manager for each of its customers, allowing the company to deliver better service-delivery results.

Neisa employs Service Manager in a way that lets it offer an individualized service desk platform to its customers for free. Neisa is then able to better track and log service requests, make needed changes more quickly, and provide more services to help customers understand the meaning and benefit of Unified IT.

One additional benefit is the saved time and resources Neisa can now dedicate to expanding their recycling initiatives. With a focus on reducing environmental impacts, Neisa recycles and upcycles older electronic devices and components to give them a new useful life.

Neisa approximates it has saved 50% in time and effort using Ivanti Service Manager vs ServiceNow. The company is well on its way to delivering complete IT lifecycle management to customers across Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. 

Note: A customer’s results are specific to its total environment/experience, of which Ivanti is a part. Individual results may vary based on each customer’s unique environment.

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