Case Study

lean on soren ankerstjerne

A Cloud Solutions Provider of high-performance VDI simplifies desktop management and patching with Ivanti® Patch Management and Ivanti® User Workspace Manager.


When it comes to moving traditionally intensive applications into the cloud, Lean-On knows how to do the heavy lifting.

Lean-On specializes in Cloud virtualization of complex environments and have designed a platform and ecosystem of services to ensure the best possible user experience.

In 2019, Lean-On decided to utilize Ivanti products more to help their customers achieve superior results as they moved complex environments into cloud services. This started with Ivanti Patch Management and User Workspace Manager.

“For patch management, everyone talks about it. But is everyone doing it to the extent it should be done, patched to the level it should be, in a structured process?” Søren said. Using Ivanti, they achieved a structured way of patching with a system to keep track of their progress. As Lean-On transformed businesses to high performance VDI while lifting heavy applications like CAD and engineering programs into the cloud, they brought on User Workspace Manager, which works in unison with their catalog of technologies.

“Having a high performance VDI makes them compliant because they can take all their drawings and data in one place behind the company firewall. It’s real-time dataset with a fast load, synchronization and time saving. They don’t have to compromise anything with these solutions, and all relevant power users have access to your organization’s optimized engineering applications.”

Lean-On A/S works with several Scandinavian companies, which build large constructions – projects that usually take years and require highly intensive 3D CAD software and many different utilities. Part of the solution they use to get there is Ivanti User Workspace Manager. “In one of the best augmentation examples I’ve seen, they cut off six months of project time, by utilizing global resources and the data never left Denmark. What’s that worth? A lot.”

Going forward Lean-On will continue to use and offer Ivanti products to provide recognized IT services and data security.