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2024 everywhere work report
Everywhere Work Report

Flexibility is critical, but are IT and security teams equipped to meet the demands of the flexible Everywhere Work movement?

We surveyed over 7,700 executive leaders, IT and cybersecurity professionals‌ to understand employees’ current expectations and how IT and security teams can empower the Everywhere Workforce.

DEX Report
Digital Employee Experience

How does the way we interact with technology shape employee productivity and satisfaction?

We surveyed 7,800 IT professionals, executives and end users around the world, across a broad range of industries, to gauge their opinions on the current state and future of the digital employee experience (DEX).

cybersecurity report
State of Cybersecurity

1 in 5 cybersecurity professionals and leaders refuse to bet a chocolate bar that they could prevent a damaging security breach in 2023 – but why?

We surveyed 6,550 professionals around the world to better understand the serious security headwinds organizations face.

New release

AITSM: How AI is redefining IT service desk automation

Can AI-powered ESM help organisations maximise their IT operations to deliver better digital employee experiences?

We surveyed over 16,200 office workers, IT professionals and leaders to understand how AI and automation could revolutionise ESM, knowledge management and reduce IT workloads and burnout.

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2023 Everywhere Work Report
2023 Everywhere Work Report
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2022 Everywhere Workplace Report
2022 Everywhere Workplace Report