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Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare

Manage and Secure Medical Devices

Discover which IT and medical devices exist, classify them accurately, understand their clinical context and identify their networking needs.

Improve asset visibility and security risk mitigation for medical devices

Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare delivers the complete picture of IT across healthcare facilities by discovering and intelligently profiling medical devices and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), assessing security risks, reporting threats, and reconciling device information across multiple data sources.

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Get a clear picture into the health and performance of your medical devices.


Goodbye vendor sprawl! Collect and reconcile vendor data, creating a single source of truth for all your medical devices.


Quickly assess security risks and report on threats.

Identify medical devices, IoT and OT systems

With Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare you can easily discover which IT and medical devices exist, classify them accurately, understand their clinical context, and identify their networking needs to understand how exposed they are to external and internal threats.

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Assess and prioritise risk

With cross-organisational and device-level risk assessment, anomaly detection, real-time alerts and clinical insights, Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare prioritises action plans based on risk impact and criticality.

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Secure faster and cover all threat vectors

Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare identifies device vulnerabilities and network-related risks; assigns each device a risk index for patient safety, privacy and service disruption; and provides recommendations for remediation.

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Reduce risks, prevent threats and improve compliance

Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare gives biomedical and clinical engineers the insights and solutions they need to take total control of their assets and sync with their IT Security counterparts.

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Key features and capabilities

Automated discovery and asset management

Real-time medical device discovery finds, inventories and classifies every device, tracks locations and provides comprehensive data on device type, vendor, OS, department, serial number and more.

Resource planning and emergency preparedness

Operational insights and ongoing visibility into device utilization patterns help you make quick, informed decisions.

ePHI tracking and device recall alerts

Continuous tracking of devices with ePHI and device recall alerts enables seamless alignment between biomedical and clinical engineering teams with their IT Security counterparts.

Procurement and lifecycle management

Access to digitized, searchable MDS2 library, plus in-house threat intelligence combined with the power of AI promotes cross-team alignment with IT Security and cost-savings on device procurement.

Vendor access management

Control over vendor and third-party access to devices on the hospital’s IT networks ensures visibility into which vendors are connecting, when and why.

Modular, role-based dashboards

Configurable and modular dashboards display varieties of data to give teams the perspective they need with the right information at the right time.

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