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Ivanti Neurons for PPM

Real-time Project Portfolio Management

See all of your demand, portfolio and projects in one place, and evaluate their benefit, cost, resource and risk data with Ivanti Neurons for PPM.

Deliver on-time and under-budget with PPM

Take the guesswork out of project execution so you can create a predictable project delivery machine that delivers results on time, under-budget and organisation-wide.

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Demand management

Take the guesswork out of which projects to execute and when. Demand management helps capture and manage the flow of ideas through project proposals that often span IT, HR, facilities, product and security groups. By consolidating requests and project information from these groups into a single solution, the process of assessing each request is streamlined — incorporating and integrating relevant cost, benefit, resource and risk data in a central repository.

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Portfolio management

See an executive-level view of the health and status of your portfolio in real-time, with robust reporting and financial analysis for roll-up budgets, costs, revenues, resources and effort across all projects. Accurate and always up-to-date, leaders have an added layer of intelligence to ensure alignment of the portfolio with strategic corporate timelines and objectives.

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Project management

See project status at-a-glance — with the most pressing items and actions prominently displayed — or to drill down into the details, including individual work tasks. The process is automated, information can be easily evaluated and communicated, and the effort to collect project tracking data is significantly reduced.

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Resource management

Optimise the allocation and utilisation of project staffing with planning and evaluation tools, including timesheets. Centralised resource planning can be done by organisational role or by specific individual and then evaluated to ensure a project has the coverage needed to avoid unexpected delays, over-allocation, or inefficient resource use that can adversely affect project outcomes.

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Programme management

Allow managers to assemble projects into logical groups or to a specific initiative within a company to create an optional layer between portfolios and projects to better understand programmes of work against business objectives.

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Deliver projects on time and on budget

Ivanti Neurons for PPM capabilities are integrated with the Ivanti Neurons platform and Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. You can use the tools already in place to deliver results across the entire organisation.

Plan projects with ease

Easily capture demand, determine project value, and prioritize accordingly.

Automate routine work

Automate workflows with collaboration tools to increase productivity

Identify bottlenecks and trends

Align corporate strategy with project plans and budgets using cross-portfolio views and controls.

Calculate project risks

Right-size resources and optimize project delivery

Gather and visualize project data

Analyze project costs and related factors with robust reporting tools and dashboards

Drive impact throughout the organization

Increase time to value for rapid innovation throughout the business

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Get started with Ivanti Neurons for PPM

Deliver on-time and under-budget with Ivanti Neurons for PPM.