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Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience

Proactively Improve Your Digital Employee Experience

Track, measure and optimise your employees’ digital experience to improve productivity, security and employee retention.

Provide secure, contextualised and productive employee experiences

IT, Security and Service Desk teams are increasingly goaled with delivering improved digital employee experiences (DEX). What if you could effectively measure and proactively optimise the experience your employees get through the devices and applications they rely on in their work environment? With Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience you can.

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EMA Digital Employee Experience Awards

Real-time insights

Aggregate and monitor usage, performance and security data from all the devices and applications your employees rely on in their work environment.

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Understand employee sentiment

Go beyond post-ticket surveys and collect contextual sentiment via interactive automation bots to understand your employees’ experience with the technology they use to get their job done

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Track and optimise experience over time

Measure, score and optimise the digital employee experience so you can track experience over time and predict productivity degradation

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Prevent issues before they happen

Surface potential IT and security issues and make recommendations on actions to remediate and improve the digital experience for your employees.

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Secure Everywhere Work

Ensure secure access and protection against cyberthreats without compromising your employees’ flexibility to work from anywhere.

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What is Digital Employee Experience (DEX)?

How Can You Measure Digital Employee Experience (DEX)?
Why is Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Important?

We don’t need to interrupt an end-user and their day. We’re giving them a better quality of life. We pride ourselves on that as a community bank — we want to deliver that kind of community experience to employees and customers. It’s what we’re really hoping to accomplish for ourselves and everyone.

Deploy what you need when you need it

Cloud platform designed for rapid time to value. Easily extend what you already have from Ivanti or integrate your existing ecosystem to start improving your digital experience today.


Device, app inventory, performance, usage

Real-time intelligence

Query all devices for operational awareness


360-degree view of devices, users, applications


Self-healing automatically detect and proactively resolve issues

Consistent experience

Securely manage all devices

DEX score

Dashboard, scoring and trending of experience per device, per user and across your entire organization

App insights

Intelligent and contextual SW and cloud insights


Trendlines, predictive analytics


Automated actions, support definition of XLAs


Qualitative surveys, sentiment analysis, ITSM surveys

Synthetic testing

Detect outages of SaaS applications


ITAM, ITSM, UEM, Security, LoB

Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience wins a 2023 future of work POTY award

Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience wins a 2023 Future of Work Product of the Year Award, presented by TMCnet.

POTY future of work award
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