Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base

Comprehensive Vulnerability Threat Intelligence

Ivanti Neurons for VULN KB arms security experts with authoritative and immediate vulnerability threat intelligence plus risk-based scoring of vulnerabilities based on real-world threat information.

Speed up vulnerability assessments & prioritisation

Expedite vulnerability assessments and prioritisation with access to near-real-time vulnerability threat intelligence so you can quickly pivot to planning mitigation and remediation strategies.

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Gain a global view

Access detailed information on all vulnerabilities (CVEs) and weaknesses (CWEs), not just those identified by your scanners.

Ivanti Neurons for VULN KB enables you to increase your knowledge of the security landscape and understand what’s going on globally – for example, which vulnerabilities are trending. Knowing what a threat can do to your organisation’s critical systems can help you better protect those systems from cyberattacks.

Perform in-depth assessments

Find all the information you need about any vulnerability or weakness in one location to help you identify the greatest risks to your organisation based on actual exploitability.

Ivanti Neurons for VULN KB puts an automated and expert-led collection of authoritative vulnerability threat intelligence at your fingertips. Its intelligence comes from the highest fidelity sources and industry-leading exploit writers.

Decrease mean time to mitigate

Create informed plans based on threat context to mitigate risk exposure from vulnerabilities and weaknesses without having to wait for scan findings. Ivanti Neurons for VULN KB provides immediate access to detailed information on all known CVEs and CWEs, even those CVEs coming from CVE Numbering Authorities (CNAs) before they are officially scored by the NVD.

Additionally, Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR) scores are constantly updated based on real-world threat information to ensure security and IT teams always have a current perspective of the cyber risks their organisation faces.

Comprehensive vulnerability perspectives

Ivanti Neurons for VULN KB includes all perspectives of vulnerability risk:

  • CVE and CWE NVD details.
  • Identified remote code execution (RCE) and privilege escalation (PE) capabilities.
  • Weaponized exploits and malware.
  • Associated exploits trending in the wild.
  • Ties to ransomware variants.
  • Association with APT groups.
  • Ivanti VRR.

Key features and capabilities

Diverse data sources

Achieve a wide view of cyber risk with a platform that ingests vulnerability findings from over 100 independent sources plus manual findings from research and pen testing teams.

Vulnerability KB dashboard

Leverage insightful visualizations on vulnerabilities and weaknesses, including their threat context, to improve vulnerability management processes.

Vulnerabilities list view

Find detailed information on all known vulnerabilities in the Ivanti database, plus all associated threat data, such as trending, ransomware, exploits and more.

Weaknesses list view

Access a full list of available software weaknesses as defined by MITRE plus detailed information on each.

Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR)

Quickly determine the risk posed by a vulnerability with numerical risk scores that consider its intrinsic attributes plus its real-world threat context.

Alerts and notifications

Gain instant awareness of pertinent events via alerts sent from a notification engine and use deep links to direct other users to important information.

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