IT Incidents have dropped by 18% since starting Ivanti

Founded by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, SCL Health is dedicated to improving the health of the poor and vulnerable in communities in the states of Colorado, Kansas, and Montana. The organization specializes in heart care, orthopedics, cancer, women’s health, and back and spine, and it provided more than $220 million of charity care and community spending in 2015. More than 15,000 full-time associates and hundreds of providers are employed at SCL Health.  

Industry: Healthcare

Employees: 15000



Ivanti Neurons for ITSM
This solution, deployed in the cloud or on-premise, helps IT departments modernize the service desk and deliver more value to the business. Organizations can: 1) reduce service desk call volume by up to 80%, maximizing operational efficiencies; 2) reduce downtime due to unplanned or unapproved changes by up to 75%, cutting IT costs; and 3) reduce the number of status calls received by up to 80%, improving service quality and compliance.

The epiphany of high reliability in health care

Patient lives depend on healthcare IT systems that operate smoothly. But even a single flaky printer or flickering monitor can pose a problem if it isn’t fixed quickly. And if there’s a problem with a biomedical device or in an operating room, the stakes are much higher. Unreliable systems that create stress on providers could translate into a patient’s negative experience. It’s imperative to reduce outages to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.

Benefits to SCL Health

Patient Safety

SCL Health is leveraging Ivanti Service Manager to help eliminate any errors that could result in harm to a patient or associate.

Change management process

SCL Health’s volume of tracked changes more than doubled and its change success rate improved by 33%.

Dashboards track unplanned outages

IT leaders attend brief, daily “safety huddles” to share information about potential or existing safety issues.

Incident Reduction

The team has witnessed an 18% reduction in the monthly average volume of incidents.

Aligning IT

Rather than viewing IT as a collection of applications, servers, storage, and networks, IT is aligning its service portfolio with business functions.

Patient Experience

SCL has had reduced outages and incidents which help improve patient safety and reduce negative patient stress.

Trending IT DATA

By using Ivanti to analyze historical data, the IT team identified an increase in incidents that typically start in the late fall. They then fixed the problems Ivanti exposed. 

A foundation of people, process, and tools

SCL Health’s success with service management is rooted in a foundation of people, process, and tools. IT’s biggest learning was to engage senior management early, which changed how they thought of the team. IT went from being the “IT guys in the basement” to being a true partner in patient safety. It has changed the conversation.