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Success story

How Marathon Oil Streamlined their IT Process and Boosted User Experience with Ivanti and NCSI

Since 1887, Marathon Oil Corporation has played an integral part in providing energy all over America. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, this public petroleum and natural gas exploration and production enterprise is the ninth largest oil company in the world, with $173 billion in revenue.

Pat Nichols, Senior IT Systems Analyst, has been along for the ride for more than 40 of Marathon Oil’s 133 years of operation. She's witnessed many of the ebbs and flows the company has gone through and led teams through them all. Her current team manages Ivanti Asset Manager and Ivanti Service Manager for the entire company of roughly 3,000 employees.

We laid out a whole list of items—the things we needed, the things that are nice to have, and the things we’d love to see in the future.

Before Ivanti, Marathon Oil employed two different tools to try and manage requests and assets. The most recent tool became too large and complex for what was needed. The tool’s interface wasn’t easy to navigate and confused end users and IT folks alike. End users would avoid the portal by calling the help desk, sending one-off emails or using the “sneakernet”– a term Pat’s team uses for those that just come visit the IT team in their cubicles. The goal was to allow users to get what they needed in less than three clicks to help mitigate all unlogged tickets.

Ivanti partners with Network Consulting Services, inc. (NCSI) to commit to an impressive deployment

After internal discussions, the IT team decided it was time to switch to a service management solution that could:

  • Be more intuitive for end users.
  • Integrate with third-party applications
  • Automate manual processes

Ivanti Service Manager, in tandem with Ivanti Asset Manager, fit the bill. Because of their vast experience in large, complex deployments, Ivanti partnered with NCSi to configure and deploy both solutions.

Through a series of workshops, NCSi Asset and Service Management consultants developed a roadmap and a configuration that optimized workflows, to create the efficiencies that aligned with Marathon Oil’s goals:

  1. Fantastic out-of-the-box experience for end users.
  2. Ability to be deployed in four months.
  3. Cost savings of 70% over previous vendor.
Some of the biggest value we have received from Ivanti is the ability to give answers quicker. I can quickly drill down into any of the assets very quickly. I can look at asset details and find out where things have gone awry VERY quickly.

Marathon Oil significantly boosts its ITSM and asset management capabilities

NCSi provided the vital information and service to ensure the success of this project and the customers confidence in Ivanti solutions.

End users log requests in service manager

End users can still request the same things they need while the IT team sees what tickets need actions more easily.

Requests can now be automated with ease

With a lean team, the ability to automate becomes very important. Ivanti helped Marathon Oil streamline requests for applications, mobile devices and COVID-19 support.

Ivanti integrates with third-party systems

Users can access Ivanti Service Manager to request a mobile device. The request then integrates directly with a third party, eliminating IT as the go-between.

Optimize asset lifecycles and manage audits

With Ivanti, hardware and software information now live under one platform instead of getting lost in spreadsheets and many tools.

Automating requests and assets further into the future

What’s next for Marathon Oil? Automation. This will be key to keeping end users happy with a small and mighty IT team. Marathon Oil will also look to add more connectors to better track and further manage assets and eliminate outdated tracking methods. With a continued partnership, Ivanti and NCSi stand ready to further assist Marathon Oil in their journey.

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