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Know your risk posture, identify your software spend and simplify license management.

9,500+ Software titles normalized

The Ivanti Software Catalog™ enables accurate identification and normalization of over 9,500 software titles. By integrating the industry's most widely trusted software catalog into your own asset or endpoint management solutions, you can help your customers improve their security posture, lower their software spend and simplify license management.

Learn about the Software Identification Challenge: Why it Matters, and what you need to know.

The Ivanti Software Catalog is updated continuously and delivered monthly to Ivanti OEM partners.






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Start monetizing software identification

When you become an Ivanti OEM Partner, you guarantee that your own endpoint or asset management solutions deliver on your customers’ expectations for comprehensive, accurate software identification—and the “downstream” business value enabled by the ability to properly recognize what’s installed on endpoints across the enterprise.

With a global footprint of millions of endpoints, the Ivanti Software Catalog is being licensed by some of the world's leading endpoint vendors including HCL Technologies, BMC, ASG, and Kaseya. Isn’t it time you did too?

Drive new revenue with the largest software catalog in market

Your end users are struggling with software identification, and they expect you to deliver a solution whose data can be trusted. By licensing the Ivanti Software Catalog, you ensure your customers are taking advantage of the most reliable and widely used software catalog in the world—and equip them for success with their software management efforts.

Add application recognition to your cloud solution, in a single sprint

Because its software catalog has been under development for over 20 years, Ivanti is uniquely positioned to deliver the database and keep it up to date—for a fraction of what it would cost you or anyone else. By letting us do the work, you save money, avoid distractions, and ensure your development resources are deployed to the most strategic areas of your business.

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Deliver a solution today that will be relevant tomorrow

With a global footprint of millions of desktops, the Ivanti Software Catalog has rapidly become the "gold standard" for software recognition. Maintained by a dedicated team of researchers, the database grows daily through contributions from its extensive network of end users, as well as data provided by software publishers. By using this "crowd-sourced" approach, we ensure the catalog remains continuously up-to-date and relevant to today's corporate desktop environment, and you can deliver a market-validated solution that will continue to evolve along with your customers' needs.

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A widely recognized shortfall of many software inventory tools is their reliance on file header or registry entry data to perform the complex task of identifying software. While this "raw" application data provides important clues that aid in software recognition, it's virtually impossible to obtain an accurate view of installed software without cleansing, classifying, and normalizing that data and attempting to map it to how software is actually licensed.

The Ivanti Software Catalog allows data points collected from discovered executables and registry entries to be mapped to their proper software titles, versions, editions, and manufacturers.

The Ivanti Software Catalog enables you to deliver the following features where file header and registry analysis fall dangerously short.

Normalize variations in application titles, versions, and manufacturers

The Ivanti Software Catalog normalizes all the variations of any given software title, version, or publisher into consistent, familiar nomenclature. For example, software license agreements often allow installation of simultaneous versions or multiple copies of an application. If file headers are used for recognition, it's often difficult to recognize the same title due to variations in collected header data – which raises significant challenges for license management, with each version or installation potentially viewed as a separate application requiring its own license. The Ivanti Software Catalog lets you consolidate versions of a given application under a standardized application title and manufacturer, while still preserving the versioning information.

group and correlate files

Group and correlate all executable files related to a single application

Most applications consist of more than one executable. It’s easy to misidentify multiple related files as independent applications or to skip over them altogether. Manually identifying and correcting such errors can be an overwhelmingly tedious and time-consuming process. The Ivanti Software Catalog makes it easy to group all discovered executables from the same application, facilitating faster and more accurate licensing evaluations.

diagram showing how discovered data becomes normalized data

Correctly identify suites and their installed components

Standard registry analysis methods will typically identify the presence of a suite, but fail to reveal which components of the suite are actually installed. This makes it extremely difficult to collect software usage data on individual programs in order to determine whether they are actually being used. Techniques that rely on executable information alone may recognize individual suite components, but correctly recognizing which suite must be licensed requires additional information as not all components may be installed. The Ivanti Software Catalog uses GUIDs in conjunction with executable file information, making such determination possible.

correctly identify suites and their installed components

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