Ivanti incapptic Connect

Application Release Automation

Simplify, secure and automate the app release process with incapptic Connect.

Take your app release pipeline from days to minutes

Ivanti incapptic Connect simplifies, secures, and automates the app release process, allowing business units to focus on changing user needs and creating innovative new apps rather than performing tedious metadata management.

Self-Service App Submission

Upload apps, review tech specs and evaluate files – all in a standard browser. 

Automated App Signing

Apps are automatically signed with the latest signing assets. 

Automatic Publishing

Each app update can automatically be published where it needs to go. 

Submissions Approval

Publishers and app owners can approve apps and the metadata assets. 

Optional zScan Integration

Easily implement zScan to automatically identify risks before apps are released to the public.

Continuous Integration

Integrate iOS and Android CI/CD system with incapptic Connect in no time, with continuous deployment.