Our company’s rebrand was just two years ago, which makes Ivanti a toddler of sorts. But unlike a toddler who screams and throws tantrums at the grocery store, Ivanti is as well-mannered as it is precocious. It’s the kind of child you find yourself bragging about to your friends and taking pictures of for social media.

This is that post right now.

Below we’ll recap all the ways in which Ivanti grew this year, including the milestones and memories we’re most proud of.Expert predictions for 2019 and beyond

Interchange went to Dallas and Madrid.

Traditionally held in Las Vegas, Interchange took its first step into a new city this year. Attendees traded in their poker chips for cowboy hats and made their way to the wonderful city of Dallas. We changed locations for many reasons, not the least of which was to see if everything is actually bigger in Texas (it is). 

We also debuted in Madrid, which was such a hit that we’re doing it again for #interchange19. Register here for Interchange Madrid (March 11-14), or here for Interchange Nashville (April 29-May 2).

We started construction on a new building.

As Ivanti grows and expands globally, we knew we needed a larger headquarters. In August we broke ground on our new building, located just a few blocks away from our current one. The South Jordan city mayor even came to show her support of #Ivanti2020.

Here is a time lapse of the building progress so far:

We had the most summer interns of any year to date.

Our summer internship program gets bigger every year, starting with seven interns in 2015 to 28 in 2018. We’re thankful to attract so many talented interns, many of whom end up working here full-time.

When asked what three words our interns would use to describe Ivanti, here are the words they chose: accepting, bright, busy, constructive, cooperative, creative, encouraging, family-oriented (x 3), flexible (x 2), forward-looking, friendly, fun, happy, inclusive (x 2), innovative (x 2), premier, supportive (x 2), and team-oriented.

We gave birth to Ivy, our first chatbot.

Tears were shed as we brought Ivy into the world, our first chat bot. She was born to make the user experience more productive and interactive. Whether you’re looking for a free trial, technical support, or to schedule a discovery call, Ivy’s got you covered.

Our customer advocacy program grew wings.

If it was a dragon egg in 2017, it was a full-grown dragon by 2018 (Game of Thrones, anyone?). Ivanti’s customer advocacy program, headed up by Cache Walker, was so successful this year that even the CEO and founder of Influitive (our customer advocacy tool) used Ivanti as an example of best practices.

Of course the program would not be a success without the willingness of our fantastic customers and partners to engage with us. This includes things like submitting Gartner reviews, providing us with product feedback, answering questions for the blog, and being generally fun and hilarious with us on social media. Speaking of which, our #ITGifts campaign would not have been nearly as successful without the tweets from our Ivanti Insiders.

Ivanti’s Women in Tech movement grew stronger than ever.

The Women in Tech movement has grown stronger than ever, thanks to Sarah Lewis, Sue McGuire, and many others both inside and outside of Ivanti. There have been numerous female contributors and interviewees to the blog this year, making Women in Tech one of the most popular blog categories.

A few high points of the year: The inspiring #MySuperPower campaign, a brand new Women in Tech page on the website, and a comprehensive survey in which we gathered insights from more than 500 women (see the results).

We took our podcast to the next level.

The Interchange IT Podcast really took off this year, thanks to hosts McKay Allen and Steve Eror, producer Erica Azad, and a plethora of fascinating guests. Want to get to know Ivanti CEO Steve Daly? There’s a podcast for that. Or how about a more contemporary tech topic, like Why Artificial Intelligence Is Our Last Invention with author James Barrat?

We can only imagine what 2019 will bring! Subscribe now and never miss a new episode: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and SoundCloud.

We launched Ivanti Global Academy. 

The Ivanti Global Academy combines training content and services to provide an engaging learning experience. This learning environment delivers self-paced training via a cloud-based environment. Featuring role-based learning paths, the Ivanti Global Academy awards points and badges while providing the training users need to acquire key skills and expertise. 

We made a lot of noise in the press.

If there’s one thing you should know about Ivanti, it’s that we never slow down. Acquisitions, product updates, awards, events… it’s all part of our company journey. See the details of this past year (and previous years) on our Press Releases page.

Overall, it was a fantastic year for the global #IvantiFamily. Cheers to an even more wonderful 2019!