This morning we all gathered around piles of dirt to commemorate the new location of our future Ivanti building.

Ivanti - Groundbreaking 2018

  • Future address: 10377 S. Jordan Gateway in South Jordan, Utah
  • Estimated finish date: March of 2020business workers shoveling dirt from road

There were gold-plated shovels, hard hats, and a spare set of keys to an excavator that our leaders couldn’t wait to get their hands on.

But before anyone lived out their childhood dream of operating heavy machinery in a dirt pit, we had a groundbreaking ceremony. Here are a few standout comments from each of the speakers.

South Jordan City Mayor Dawn R. Ramsey

“This is a big deal for our city! We appreciate the chance to have strong businesses. We love that your roots are here, we love that you’ve grown here, that you’ve become what you’ve become. And that you are happy to stay in our city. We’re happy to have you.”

Tyson Williamson, Development Associate at STACK Real Estate

“This has been a great public/private partnership, and buildings like this, once we have the public—the South Jordan team and the UTA team—and the private—which is our STACK and Millrock Development team—once we have all of that, the project doesn’t happen unless we have a tenant. And that’s where Ivanti comes in.”

Ivanti CEO Steve Daly

“I’m looking forward to an exciting time as we put our shovels into the ground and we start building a new building that will be home to the new Ivanti. I think of the employees we have today, I think of everybody here, the leadership team—just as we’ll put a foundation here, we’ll be the foundation for a lot of change in the next ten years. And I believe in the next ten years, we’ll see as much change as I’ve witnessed over the last 23 years within Ivanti.”

After the remarks, there was a bit of shoveling (read: posing for cameras) done by the leadership teams. But things got real when both Steve Daly and Steve Morton took turns operating the excavator. At one point Daly had positioned a giant scoop of dirt so close to Morton’s head, we all ducked for cover. Luckily Morton got out of the way in the nick of time.

business men using construction machinesAnd because we know everyone will have questions about the new building, we went to the man in charge of all of our buildings globally: Craig Shipley.

Now Craig is not your usual duck. He’s what my grandmother would call a “character”. So when McKay Allen emailed him these questions, he gave us two answers: a normal answer and an answer that represents what goes on in his head. Enjoy the answers (and a journey into Craig’s mind) below!

FAQ with Craig Shipley

What is your role at Ivanti?

  • I am the Sr. Facilities Manager and I am responsible for all of our buildings globally. (Just a monkey with a hat.)

How many offices do we have globally?

  • We have 39 offices globally. (But it feels like about 367 every time the temperature changes and I have to adjust thermostats. I just can’t wait for another acquisition!)

How long has this been in the planning stages?

  • We have been planning this for about 18 months. Leases are pretty rigid in timelines and notification dates.

How did the idea for a new HQ originate?

  • The idea originated as we grew. We knew we needed more space, more efficient space, and a space which better represented Ivanti. (The idea seriously began when I got stuck in the elevator. I mean, when the facilities guy is stuck, who does he call?)

Tell us a little bit about the new building.

  • This new building is going to be beautiful. We will have the latest in building systems (HVAC, elevators, etc.). We will have much more space to collaborate, work as teams, and work privately. A fitness center onsite will be a great addition, and I personally am a huge fan of underground parking. Being exactly 87 steps from the frontrunner station isn’t bad either. (The 80s called and they want their office furniture back, so yeah, I am excited about the new building!)

What are you most excited about regarding the new building?

  • Personally, I am excited to create and build a space that works. I love the small details of making a space special and unique. I really want people—guests, visitors, whoever—to walk in and say, “WOW, I have never seen anything like this!” That’s what I want. (Yeah, that about sums it up. I am really looking forward to creating a space where people are excited to come to work.)

Thank you to everyone involved in this project! Stay tuned for further updates on where the #IvantiFamily is moving.

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