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Product Newsletter Blog for May 2018

Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: IT Asset Management Ivanti License Optimizer 2018.3 Service Management Ivanti Service Manager 2018.1 Cloud Release Zapier integration Endpoint Security Ivanti Device Control 5.1 Update 2 Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Ma


#Interchange18's Greatest Hits on Social Media

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that social media shows life exactly how it is. No filters, no staging, and no faking it. Just 100% reality. Ok, that’s not even close to the truth. Social media is a projection of the reality we’re all pretending to have, complete with editing, good ligh


Ivanti's First Cybersecurity Game Show Recap

When you think of #IvantiWebinars, you probably don't imagine a series of cybersecurity questions so random they make you go, "Wait, what?" But you should. Because that's what we did earlier this week when our self-proclaimed "webinerd," Erica Azad, turned a normal webinar into a full-fledged game s