It's been a hot summer, and not just because of the rising temperatures. When the Ivanti internship program started in 2015, there were only seven interns. This year the program was on fire—positioning itself on the résumés of 28 interns!

*mic drop*

You could say the program is pretty lit, and those of us involved in it (whether as interns or as employees) have been very #blessed by the experience. (And yes, I'm trying to use a lot of millennial slang in this post. You've been warned.)

In an effort to get to know them more, we wanted to spotlight this summer's interns in a blog post. Here are some fast facts from a few people in this year's squad.

Alex Daniels

"Ivanti is constructive, innovative, and comical."

  • Education: University of Utah; studying marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Main internship tasks: Launching Facebook campaigns and coming up with new re-marketing campaigns, managing projects, and doing keyword research.
  • Most important takeaway: The most important thing I learned during the internship was how to work with a large group and how to find the right resources to get the projects done most efficiently and on time.
  • Future plans: My plans are to finish school and then pursue a career in marketing and entrepreneurship.

Alexia Hall

"Ivanti is happy, fun, and inclusive."

  • Education: University of Utah; studying marketing
  • Main internship tasks: I work on the talent acquisition team for the HR department. I help schedule interviews with job candidates and look over résumés in our ATS (Application Tracking System).
  • Most important takeaway: The most important thing I learned is how vital company culture is. Ivanti is a fun place to work at with the events they schedule (onsite as well as offsite like Lagoon Day in the summer).
  • Future plans: I am going back to school for my last semester!

Brittany Thompson

"Ivanti is supportive, family-oriented, and laid back."

  • Education: University of Utah; studying biomedical engineering
  • Main internship tasks: My main task this summer was to create a blockchain for Ivanti’s software licenses.
  • Most important takeaway: I learned that even if I have no idea how to do something, I can figure it out. Google became my best friend this summer. I also learned that if I’m really stuck on something, I should just ask someone for help.
  • Future plans: In a couple weeks I'll be starting my final year of college and graduating in May!

Kendra Jorgensen

"Ivanti is flexible, busy, and team-oriented."

  • Education: Utah Valley University; studying marketing
  • Main internship tasks: I was in charge of handling all shipments for field marketing events, creating and updating a universal inventory tracking sheet, creating a shipment request intake form, and assisting field marketers with planning and ordering items for shows.
  • Most important takeaway: I learned good organization skills – without organization, my to-do list would be impossible to keep track of.
  • Future plans: I am returning to school for an MBA program at UVU. I will be working part-time here helping the field marketing team and also being a graduate assistant for my work while I go to school.

Maddie P.

"Ivanti is bright, inclusive, and creative."

  • Education: Scripps College; studying economics (major) and studio art (minor)
  • Main internship tasks: I worked with both the customer advocacy team and with the digital campaigns/content team. I worked on a wide variety of projects, from helping run the customer advocacy program and assisting in the case study process, to writing blogs and producing content for the digital team. I loved that I had the opportunity to be both analytical and original. I was been able to analyze the data and marketing material we gathered, while at the same time be creative when figuring out the best, most powerful way to wield it.
  • Most important takeaway: Creativity is huge. In marketing especially, constantly coming up with and being open to new ideas is key to being successful.
  • Future plans: I'm headed back to California for my senior year of college! Up next, I’ll be focusing on writing my thesis in economics and playing my last season of college soccer.

Mitchell Reber

"Ivanti is encouraging, forward-looking, and premier."

  • Education: University of Utah; studying communication (master’s) with an emphasis in instructional design
  • Main internship tasks: Developing e-learning modules for Ivanti products (instructional design). I've also produced an internal marketing video, and designed the logo for the upcoming 2018 service summit.
  • Most important takeaway: The most important thing I learned is where I stand in terms of competency, expertise, and potential in my own career pursuits.
  • Future plans: I am continuing my instructional design career with Ivanti.

Ryan Jensen

  • Education: Brigham Young University; studying accounting
  • Main internship tasks: In the accounting and finance department, I helped Ivanti adopt the ASC-606 revenue recognition standard, which is required for private companies starting 2019.
  • Most important takeaway: Anyone looking for fun, challenging learning opportunities should apply at Ivanti. I was thrown some challenges this summer that I didn’t initially know how to solve, but my managers were always supportive and placed great confidence in me.
  • Future plans: Moving forward, I hope to graduate with a master’s degree in accounting from BYU and then go into public accounting.

Sharlene Shelton

"Ivanti is family-oriented, safe, and cooperative."

  • Education: Brigham Young University; studying public relations (major) and business management (minor)
  • Main internship tasks: As a marketing/global internal communications intern, I was responsible for managing the Ivanti Insider, writing internal wellness blog content, putting together employee spotlights, writing Glassdoor responses, and highlighting customer wins.
  • Most important takeaway: In addition to learning how to use many new types of software, I learned to apply content I’m working on across several functions.
  • Future plans: I am looking for full-time jobs! Seeing where life takes me and taking the doors that open for me.

Tammy Platero

"Ivanti is friendly, accepting, and flexible."

  • Education: Weber State University; studying computer science
  • Main internship tasks: I was hired as a software developer intern working with the architecture team. The project I worked on was creating a blockchain for Ivanti's software licenses. We chose to work with the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Sawtooth SDK.
  • Most important takeaway: The most important thing I learned was to try. I learned to be comfortable not knowing an answer and discovering solutions along the way. I didn't know anything about blockchain when I started and I was very intimidated by the project. However, I was really excited to work on a project that was so interesting!
  • Future plans: My plans are to finish my bachelor's degree in a year and continue learning from this experience. I recently found an open source blockchain solution for voting. It will be fantastic to apply my knowledge and start contributing to other blockchain technologies to improve our world.

Zach Paige

"Ivanti is family-oriented, supportive, and innovative."

  • Education: University of Utah; studying information systems
  • Main internship tasks: In the customer success department as a business analyst intern, I served as the bridge between the business and technology. I took stakeholder requirements and translated them to technical logic, which included gathering information, designing the technical logic, communicating with developers and stakeholders, following through with development, and deployment.
  • Most important takeaway: How to think critically and manage projects where technology can be applied to solve business problems.
  • Future plans: Finish up my last semester of graduate school this fall.

We're truly thankful for all the hard work and dedication from our interns this year. With all the places you could have worked this summer, you chose #TeamIvanti, and we are so glad you did!

It's clear from the feedback that the hashtags #IvantiFamily and #WeAreIvanti aren't just buzzwords; they are actual representations of the family-oriented feel you get when you work here. And for us, we consider that #winning.

Good luck to all of you in your future endeavors!

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